The Eevolutions by ImmortalTanuki

Eevee and its many Eevolutions are among the most liked Pokemon of the currently over 800 of the lovely “Pocket Monsters” we eeven got the Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee game in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.  The Eevee Eevolutions were usually some of the first Pokemon that were picked by the artists for our Pokemon Generation Art Collaborations. (Gen I, Gen II, Gen III)

But the majority of them that are a part of our Video Game Character Database already don’t have any fan art beside the ones made for our art project so far. Reason enough to finally feature ImmortalTanuki’s series of the Eevolutions she created back in 2014 already.  

ImmortalTanuki from Canada is a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since 2014 and her take on the Albatoss for our Mario’s Blacklist project since she is a big fan of the Pokemon games, she joined our Generation based Projects of course as well, including the Gen IV Project that is currently in the works! Have a look at her gallery and more in her Deviantart profile here!