Dewgong used Aurora Beam by DragonchildX

DragonchildX aka Aurora from Hungary draws a lot types of different art, ranging from landscapes to human characters, fan art and now also two of the 151 classic Pokémon with Raticate being the first one, drawn in May already and Dewgong (with the Aurora Beam…!) in August.

I look forward to see more of this talented artist when we start our next art collaborations in 2017!


“A rainbow-colored attack beam. It may lower the foe’s Attack stats!

The Aurora Beam is one of the Ice-Type moves that were debuting together with the first Pokemon games. It deals damage and  has also a 10% chance of lowering the attack stat of the enemy by one stage. In Pokemon Stadium the chance was 33%.



Dewgong used Bubble Beam by TheWarriorArtist

The Pencil Wielding Warrior from the USA is one of the artists that joined Game-Art-HQ in summer 2016 to participate in our first Pokemon tribute. He did Dewgong and Staryu and eventually Spearow which was one of the last available Pokemon. He draws a lot Pokemon related art which you can see in his gallery there and I am pretty sure we will see more from him next year!


“A Water-type attack. Stronger than Bubble. Many Water-type Pokémon learn this move”

Bubble Beam is one of the oldest Water-Type moves and does not only deal damage with a power rating of 65 and a 100% accuracy stat but has also a 33,2% chance of slowing down the opponent.



“Stores thermal energy in its body. Swims at a steady 8 knots even in intensely cold waters”

The Dewgong evolves from Seel and might be one of the cutest of the 151 first Pokemon. Beside being a dual type Water/Ice Pokemon and being able to learn moves like the Icy Wind and Aqua Tail, it is basically a mix between a white unicorn and a mammal. I think they are just beautiful beings 🙂


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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