Exploud using Roar by TheFredricus

Fredrika is one of the Swedish artists that joined our first Pokemon collaboration in 2016 with Gastly and Lickitung.  She joined both the Gen II and Gen III Art Collaborations as well to contribute a whole wave of Pokemon in her own cute style.


Have a look at her complete gallery here!


“The target is scared off, and a different Pokémon is dragged out. In the wild, this ends a battle against a single Pokémon.”

Roar was introduced in the classic first Pokemon games already and is a non-damaging move that was only useful against wild Pokemon until Generation II. While Roar does not deal any damage, it can be very useful if you want to end a battle against a wild Pokemon quickly, since it is going to end the battle.

Since Gen II, it can also be used in battles with Pokemon by other trainers. The cool effect is that the trainer has to switch out the Pokemon with another one that is randomly chosen. 

Exploud used to be able to learn it at level 45, but since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire it would have to learn it as a prior evolution – or otherwise get it from the Move Reminder in exchange for a Heart Scale.

Exploud using Hyper Voice by demonic-brute

Demonic-Brute joined our Fighting Game Elite Group a while ago and like the idea of getting big projects with many artists together, he participated in multiple of our art collaborations already and created pretty awesome illustrations of both popular and not so known characters for them.

It was a surprise that he was willing to help us out with Exploud when it was one of the last remaining Generation III Pokemon since he did not have anything Pokemon related online before (as far as I know of at least) 

Have a look at his whole gallery here!


Hyper Voice

“The user lets loose a horribly loud shout with the power to damage.”

Hyper Voice is a damaging Normal-Type move introduced in Generation II where the user screams forward devastating sound waves.  Powerful as it is, it has no secondary effects and is easily canceled out by Pokemon with the Soundproof ability, but it can hit all adjacent opponents in double and triple battles.

Exploud can learn the move at level 63 (71 since Generation V and 47 since ORAS).


#295 – Exploud

“It has sound-generating organs all over its body. It communicates with others by adjusting the tone and volume of the cries it emits.”

Exploud is a Normal-type Pokémon and the final evolution of Whismur, evolving into it from Loudred at level 40.  It lives in caves just like the rest of its family, but they are much more dangerous to approach. Exploud’s anatomy has added ports around its body, allowing it to inhale more violently and generate many different kinds of noises.

Its roars are so powerful they can be heard up to 10km away, and cause earthquakes with the tremors created.  But they only really needed to raise their vocal chords in the heat of battle – otherwise, they can just emit whistles from its ports to communicate with others.

During the animé, Ash used his Treecko to battle against a trainer named Guy, whose main partner was a Loudred that was growing unruly. Both Pokémon battled each other and evolved at the same time, only for Exploud to completely disobey all of Guy’s commands and flee.  After catching up and another foiled capture plan from Team Rocket, Exploud reconciled after seeing Guy protect it.


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