M.Bison SFV Villains Art Challenge Wild DLC


M.Bison the Shadaloo Boss and Dictator from the Street Fighter games, drawn in the Panther / Wild DLC Costume Series from Ultra Street Fighter IV

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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn by long-time GA-HQ Member Shadaloo1989

..who is a big fan of M.Bison like myself and also wears an avatar of him with honor 🙂

She described her take on M.Bison in this weird costume from USF IV with the following words:

“I always played Bloody Roar when I was little….long before I knew about Street Fighter.

And somehow, when I found out about SF, I always imagined Bison would be a black panther if there would ever be a crossover with Bloody Roar. As a tribute to the BR series I gave him a full panther look, not just a suit with a panther mask. “

As a fan of the Bloody Roar games myself I loved this take on his costume a lot while it also made me a bit sad since Bloody Roar will most likely never return.

Its damn cool however to this special design of M.Bison being a part of the Villains Art Challenge!

Art Challenge Mastered, 10/10!