M.Bison SFV Villains Art Challenge Wild DLC


M.Bison the Shadaloo Boss and Dictator from the Street Fighter games, drawn in the Panther / Wild DLC Costume Series from Ultra Street Fighter IV

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~Villains Art Challenge Submission ~

Drawn by long-time GA-HQ Member Shadaloo1989

..who is a big fan of M.Bison like myself and also wears an avatar of him with honor ūüôā

She described her take on M.Bison in this weird costume from USF IV with the following words:

“I always played Bloody Roar when I was little….long before I knew about Street Fighter.

And somehow, when I found out about SF, I always imagined Bison would be a black panther if there would ever be a crossover with Bloody Roar. As a tribute to the BR series I gave him a full panther look, not just a suit with a panther mask. “

As a fan of the Bloody Roar games myself I loved this take on his costume a lot while it also made me a bit sad since Bloody Roar will most likely never return.

Its damn cool however to this special design of M.Bison being a part of the Villains Art Challenge!

Art Challenge Mastered, 10/10!