M.Bison in his classic Thailand stage from Street Fighter II, drawn by Joel Sousa

” General M.Bison is the final boss of Street fighter II series and one of the most famous of all fighting games.”Get lost, you can’t compare with my powers!”-That’s what he’d usually say with a smirk on his face after defeating me with his psycho powers!Ah!Good old times!
And this picture is all about that.The memory of the instant fear that the leader of the Shadaloo would create on all the gamers whenever he started his Psycho Crusher, crushing old thaylandese warrior statues into nothing more than rocks and astonishing not only the temple monks, but also the tourists, while flying from one side of the stage to another.

With that said I used a regular pencil, and a black ink marker for the inking.The piece was coloured on Photoshop and it took me a couple of weeks I guess.
Hope you enjoy it!”



by Marvin Law


by Matias Soto


by Anouk Rurup


” This pin up features, Street Fighter II’s iconic end boss, M. Bison. Everytime I’ve fought M. Bison at the end of Street Fighter II, I hated it, because I knew he was just gonna frustrate me, cause I just wasn’t that good back then, lol.

However, once I had a chance to play as M. Bison afterwards, I’ve been a terror to many of my friends.

Here’s hoping I’ve done M. Bison justice, and enjoy, Marvin.”


“The evil Dictator, Lord of Shadaloo,master of the Psycho Power,

M. Bison in America and Europe/ Vega in Asia

Since I’ve had done a couple before more in more “realistic”american comic-book style, I figured I could work this one closer to the designs of the games, particularly the Alpha/Zero series.”


“Here we have M.Bison, the leader of Shadaloo, the crime syndicate that organised the first world-wide Street Fighter tournament, as we know it from Street Fighter II. Throughout the game we learn Bison is responsible for much misfortune in the lives of the fighters who were chosen to compete in the tournament. Meaning all of them are there to reach the final fight of the tournament, where they will have a shot at Bison in person.

In Street Fighter II almost nothing is known of him. the only clear knowledge on him, is that he combines ancient Thai martial arts and a strange type of power, which feeds on fear and hatred. Bison himself refers to it as Psycho power.

I hope you enjoy :3 brought to you by me and my Copic markers”



M.Bison from Street Fighter

M.Bison might be one of the most popular fighting game villains together with Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat and Heihachi Mishima from Tekken.

He is not only a crazy power-hungry being and a pretty difficult enemy in many of the Street Fighter games and a good couple of crossover games but also very fun to play as since Street Fighter II Trubo. Raul Julia (R.I.P) made him also one of the most hilarious villains ever seen in a movie. 


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