Killer Instinct for the Xbox One, the awesome platform with the awesome Kinect (sarcasm) is getting released  soon including phenomenal six characters at launch.

Jago, the MK Ninja Rip-Off who debuted in the original Killer Instinct already back in 1994 got as new design and i am for sure not the only person who finds it fucking awful compared with his former designs.

With a few extra bucks, people will be able to buy his old design at least online, but goddamn..they should made that one either his main design or at least available for free instead of creating new designs which are so bad that people want to buy the old ones.


This almost photo realistic looking Jago here was made by Molim from Serbia, a big Mortal Kombat fan like myself, and also contributor of a handful entries of our upcoming big Mortal Kombat Art Tribute!

Jago Killer Instinct by Molim


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