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Chun-Li is the quintessential heroine, the girl who you can imagine beating any villain …except maybe someone like M. Bison, one of the most wicked characters that video games have given to us.

Who would win? It is very difficult to know. Chun-Li began seeking to avenge her father, who was murdered while investigating Bison’s crime syndicate, but eventually became a master of Chinese Kempo arts and stop to keep thinking about the past and start to fight for the future and their young students.

M. Bison is another story … a man obsessed with power and ready to do anything to overcome their own physical limits and unleash the terrible psycopower. For him there are only two kinds of people: the instruments or the obstacles…

Not even the powerful Shun Goku Satsu could kill him and his criminal organization, Shadowloo, has been able to create a new body every time he has been defeated.

I try to to make an illustration where both rivals could look powerful. For Chun-Li I want to display their beautiful legs, but at the same time show her deadly and fast, applying the start of its spectacular movement, the Hoshenka.

For M. Bison the idea was show a lot of arrogance with his evil grin on the face, underestimating his opponent and laughing at their efforts, while preparing a warp scape or a deadly counterattack.

In the background, basically I wanted to draw the remains of the Psycodrive, the machine that Bison used to increase their powers, absorbing the Street Fighter’s energy.

The characters colors are bright while the background is dark and a storm is coming.