Grand Theft Auto V Franklin Trevor Michael by Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown, extraordinary great Australian Artist and also a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto games, created this new GTA V fan art about the three main characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor!

He also has a new website and while you can see some of his works here on Game-Art-HQ as well, i always recommend to visit the artists own websites where they offer more infos and what not.

You can see his new websitePatrickBrownArt  here

Patrick also wrote this detailed description about his fan art above:

“Grand Theft Auto V deserves something special, so for the past few weeks I’ve been putting this together. My usual GTA V artworks have always had the main characters in one big scene, but this time I wanted a bit more freedom so I’ve broken it up into three scenes, one for each character. This also gave me the chance to show the what types of areas GTA V will include.

Michael (left)
This scene is from the GTA V trailer where Michael catches his wife cheating and he chases the guy through his bedroom window. I thought this would add a bit of humor to the image rather than my usual action packed scenes.

Franklin (top)
I really wanted to capture the hood with this scene, from the trailers we get a good look at what it is like in Los Santos’ ghettos and I wanted to try and get that vibe.

Trevor (bottom)
From everything we’ve scene with Trevor, he is an absolute loose cannon! So I really wanted to show that in one picture with him. Total chaos would describe him well, but somehow I find him to be my favorite just because he adds that great sense of humor to the game.

I hope you all enjoy this one, please let me know what you think below. You can expect much more GTA V art on the way.
Please let me know what you think”

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