A few times in every year ( so far) we organize art contests of different kinds, previously it was about drawing characters in the so called “Chibi” style as example, or colorate the line arts of other artists.


This year it is about re-drawing a screenshot, similar to the examples above by Luis Santiago, the contest started yesterday and will endure till the 3rd November.

Just every game can be chosen, from Pong to Doom, to Tekken..etc. just everything counts. Important is that you use a screenshot and re-draw it in your own style. It does not matter if you draw it anime like, cartoon style, realistic, black and white, colored, its fully your decision, this art contest is meant as a challenge to test yourself and to compete your dedication and talent with the other participating artists and create unusual but great game related art!


This contest is mainly organized thrugh deviantART, you can read all informations about it and also submit entries on our dA group.

Thanks to earnings through advertisments on Game-Art-HQ i can sponsor this art contest with 100€ divided into three prizes, 50 for the 1st winner and 25 for the 2nd and 3rd winners.

The artworks will also be featured on both dA and here directly on Game Art HQ! Yu can ask any questions directly here via comment of course too!