Final Fantasy VI Fresco Art by Mikaël Aguirre

I see great video game related artworks by creative fans just every day, but something like this Final Fantasy VI Fresco art is not only epic but also quite unique !

Mikaël “Orioto” Aguirre from Paris in France created this homage to one of the best RPG’s ever made in around 120 hours and made this artwork using 25 scenes from FFVI. I asked Orioto  about his inspiration and the idea to compose such a fresco art related to Final Fantasy VI


Well i was doing those videogame painting, re-imagining scenes from old vg for a while, and i decided i needed a change in my style and the conept. This is way more interesting for me to work on a game progression, through its story or its different worlds like i did for Sonic and Quackshot.

That was the idea to begin with. To give a coherent modern vision of a whole game. I’m always working on the player’s memory, more than the characters of the game. I’m interested in what the game has to offer as an experience, as something that stay with us for many years.

And FFVI is my absolute fav game ever, so i wanted to make something special with it. At first i wanted to make a simple fresco with one picture for each character, then a 30 scene fresco for the whole game.. And i realized it was not enough or too much. FFVI has just too many things to just pick some scenes.

Final Fantasy VI Screenshot

I also asked him about whats planned now for the future and was happy to hear that he is working on a Super Mario bros. 3 fresco art now and that he also has lots of ides for other games with that art style, i totally look forward to his future stuff!

I am going to feature his previous game related art here sooner or later i guess, but for now i totally recommend you to visit Orioto’s full gallery at deviantart which you can find here.

He also made this artwork available for sale as a poster, if you are intered in it, you can find more infos about it on his dA gallery as well!