megaman_family_portrait_by Elizabeth Sherry

MegaMan Art Special



Mortal Kombat Art Special


Super Mario WiiU by_teamlando thumb

Free for All Day


Cosplay Special



Lilith-from-Borderlands Cosplay-by Beethy Interview with Benjamin Koelewijn aka. Beethy about his photos of cosplayers, his career and more!

^Sunday, 23. December^

Valis The Fantasm Soldier by Vendrell thumb

^22.12.2012 – The Retro Games Series by Daniel Vendrell Oduber continues with Burning Force, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Valis: Fantasm Soldier and After Burner

Also the Game Series Artwork Selection got updated visually


dishonored the outsider by_vrihedd

The Outsider

Mordecai Borderlands Art by Donna Brown


Goliath (Borderlands 2) by Dan Howard


Pyramid Head

Ivy Valentine Cosplay by_ivycosplay

Ivy Valentine Cosplay

Metroids-Art-by-Luis-Santiago thumb

Metroid Series

Alisa from Tekken by Diana Da Costa

Alisa Bosconovitch


Alisa Bosconovitch

Poliwrath Pokemon by_snapdragoon


^21 December 2012^ “The End of the World” blablabla not this world guys, have some new awesome Fan Art of Video Games instead!

Also, thumbs are a bit bigger now, there was feedback that the previous 150 pixel images were a bit too small so this is better i hope


19-20th December – creating and upgrading character galleries, as well as working on the Artists on GAHQ feature




18th December 2012 – and another Art Tribute! This time for the first Final Fantasy which also was released exactly 25 years ago on the NES in Japan!

Go on to a little journey back in time as you see the great art done for this classic game!



17th December, 2012

Today, 25 years ago MegaMan was released in Japan. Because of this Game Art HQ.com organized a fan art tribute. By Fans, for Fans..and yes..for free of course.

Since Capcom mentioned it as often as possible that they released a fan game for free, we thought we do it now as well!



Nerevarine The Incarnate from Morrowind

Nerevarine / Morrowind

Demon Hunter from Diablo 3 by Cyril Terpent

Demon Hunter / Diablo 3

Engineer / Guild Wars 2

^13th December – PC Game Day!^


Final Fantasy VI Artwork by Elizabeth SherryFinal Fantasy VI

Mai ShiranuiMai Shiranui

Connor Kenway


^12th December 2012 – “Free for all” ^

10 December, The Website should run faster than before now!

06-12? December – Working on the MegaMan 25th Anniversary Art Tribute!

Dead or Alive 5


Shang Tsung

Mai Shiranui

Alisa Bosconovitch

Mortal Kombat


Steve Fox



^04-05.December – Fighting Game Special^

Kefka and Terra Branford

Final Fantasy VI


Final Fantasy VIII

Terra Branford FFVI

Terra Branford




Millia & Eddie

Morrigan & Lilith


Interview with Juri H Chinchilla

^2-3 December, An Artist in the GAHQ Spotlight – Juri H Chinchilla^

Hitman Absolution

Agent 47

Agent 47

Grand Theft Auto V

^01.12.2012 -Hitman Absolution and the first great Grand Theft Auto Fan Art^


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