Demon Hunter from Diablo 3

The Demon Hunter from Diablo III drawn by Cyril Terpent, click on the artwork to enlarge it


Uh Oh! A bad day for all the featured demonic creatures on Game Art HQ today because the super powerful Demon Hunter class from Diablo III makes it debut with this great artwork by Cyril Terpent from France!

Like a good amount of Diablo III Art it was made in May 2012 for the official Diablo III Art Contest and sure impressed a ton of people including me! On dA over 1000 visitors faved it which is something not a lot fan art pieces achieve there. So be careful demons, your time has come!

This is the 2nd of Cyrils Artworks featured on GAHQ,



if you like his style take a look at his Connor Kenway too and also visit his gallery on dA