dishonored the outsider by_vrihedd

The Outsider from Dishonored, drawn by vriheddplease click the image to enlarge it and see the details!

Dishonored can really be described as an artwork in general. It has style, it has a great story, it is interesting from the start till the end without getting repetitive and boring.

The characters in Dishonored are not only very designed, but also have often a fascinating and deep background.

Take “The Outsider” as example, drawn here by Vrihedd from Russia, a young artist who describes herself as hobbyist while the works in her gallery on deviantART really surpass many of those who call themselfes professionals.

The Outsider is more a complete entity than a mere character in Dishonored, his human form only an avatar while he is most likely some sort of whale or “Leviathan”

I hope there will be more about him in future dlc maybe or Dishonored 2 which is possible since the game was well received by the gaming community.

Vrihedd had a nice Idea for this Illustration btw and gave Corvo and Emily some sort of avatars as well, they are the white dove and the white rat in her imagination here.