Faith from Mirrors Edge

Rayne from Bloodrayne

Mirana Nightshade from DOTA

^29.11.2012 – 3 Not so Popular Video Game Ladies^

Final Fight Andorre Family

Final Fight

Captain Commando

Captain Commando

Guardian Heroes



^28.11.2012 – Beat èm Up Special^


Link & Navi

Moltres vs Gyrados Pokemon

All the Legendary Pokemon

Star Fox Team

Super Mario is bored

^27.11.2012 – Nintendo Day – no WiiU for U though!^

The DII Necromancer

Simon Belmont


Donkey Kong Country

^26-11-2012 – “A Blast From The Past – Fan Art of Classic Games and their Characters^

24-25 November, Weekend & small updates


^23.11.2012 New and Updated Game and Game Character Galleries^

Harley Quinn from Arkham City

GLaDOS (Portal 2 ) Cosplay

Official Ubisoft Connor Kenway Cosplay

^22.11.2012 – Cosplay Feature Day!^


Click on a thumb to visit the article about the artwork and see it there in fullsize and read about the video game character, and the artists behind these artworks

Assassins Creed 3



^21.11.2012 – Free for all – ^


^20th November 2012 – Maya from Borderlands 2: The Siren with the Phaselocking Abilities^


Final Fantasy drawn Art / Cosplay Special from 18-19th November

Freya Crescent

Cloud Strife


Tifa Lockhart

The One Winged Angel: Sephiroth

Yuna FFX-2 Cosplay

Edea Cosplay

Cloud Strife Cosplay

Cartoon Connor Kenway

Busy Connor K.

Riding Connor

Connor Kenway

Connor vs Grizzly Bear

^16.11.2012 – Assassin’s Creed 3 / Connor Kenway Day^


For around two weeks i worked on Link`s Blacklist! This is the most professional but uncommercial Legend of Zelda Art Project ever done and includes over 60 awesome artworks about the Bosses and enemies of the Legend of Zelda games ranging from the Octoroks to Ganon, Demise, and many more!


Zelda – Twilight Princess

Resident Evil Nemesis

Handsome Jack



Maya from Borderlands 2

Final Fantasy X Cosplay

Final Fantasy X Cosplay

Oerba Dia Vanille