Nerevarine The Incarnate from Morrowind

Our big hero Nerevarine the Incarnate..the guy who is supposed to defeat Dagoth Ur and restore the glory of Resdayn!

Riding on his Guar! Hunting evil creatures like the terrible Netch there..and being scarred to death!

In the Elder Scrolls III Morrowind this never happened of course, but since when does fan art need to be 100% authentic ūüôā

The russian artist GreyFoxHel describes Morrowind as her favourite game but why not change things a bit to the more funny side?

Personally this scene reminded me a bit at good old Rincewind from Terry Pratechtt’ s popular Discworld novels and games where the main protagonist is often quite the fearsome guy who defeats the bad guys often with pure luck instead of strenght or wisdom. Nice work GreyFoxHel i look forward to your future works in the hope to find something game related again!