Sasquatch Darkstalkers 4

Sasquatch will grow if you click on him!

Sasquatch is one of the around 20 Darkstalkers characters, but also one of the not so often drawn ones together with Victor and Bishamon since everyone and his mon cares only about the succubus slu.. Morrigan and catgirl Felicia.

Well, Lennart Verhoeff seems to tick a bit like myself and gave the unpopular Sasquatch a bit spotlight with this funny WTF fan art about him.

Seriously, i thought what the hell when i stumbled upon it, i saw a lot Darkstalkers fan art’s already but this one is an outstanding one for sure!

Kudos to you for picking Sasquatch

@everyone, be sure to take a look at his gallery on dA!

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