Nincada using Hidden Power by Altarior

Altarior from Denmark is one of the around 15 artists that were invited for our first Pokémon Art Collaboration. I saw her impressive take on Hoh-Oh in February 2016 and had a feeling she would like this project. She drew no less than nine of the Generation I Pokemon which made her one of the most active artists for our first Pokemon Collaboration. In 2017 she returned to the fun and took “only” Togetic, Gligar, Remoraid, Skarmony, and Stantler while she became one of our most active artists in the Gen III Tribute again with eight of the lovely 135 Pokemon drawn by her alone for it!

You are going to find a ton of awesome artworks in her gallery here at deviantART!

Hidden Power

“A unique attack that varies in type depending on the Pokémon using it.”

Hidden Power is a damage-dealing Normal-type move first introduced in Generation II.  Most Pokémon including Nincada can learn this technique via TM10, though there are currently 14 unique Pokémon across the entire National Dex that can learn it by leveling up.

The type and power of the move will depend on the Pokemon’s IVs and varies between a power of 30 and 70 (fixed at 60 since Generation VI). It has a PP of 15 and an accuracy of 100%.

Nincada using X-Scissor by Yggdrassal

Yggdrassal from the United States is an active part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around three years now and contributed a good couple of video game artworks that are about games that are rarely getting any attention now.

He participated with a Timesplitters 3 entry as an example and Rocket: Robots on Wheels as part of our Nintendo 64 Tribute this year. He joined the Pokémon Gen I Tribute with Dodrio in the first May week already and drew seven more of the little Gen I creatures. He also holds the record of the most submissions for our Gen II & III Pokemon tributes with not less than 11 submissions in Gen II and another 16! in our Gen III Tribute!

Besides the many artworks he did for our Pokemon Tributes you can see a lot more art of many different kinds on his gallery here!


“The user slashes at the target by crossing its scythes or claws as if they were a pair of scissors.”

X-Scissor is one of the Bug-Type Moves and was introduced in the Generation IV Pokemon Games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) It deals damage without any side effects and has a Power Rating of 80.  Nincada can only learn this move via TM81.

Four Pokémon have been illustrated with this move in our tribute, with Scizor in Generation II and now Grovyle, Armaldo and Nincada joining it in Generation III!

#290 Nincada

“It makes its nest at the roots of a mighty tree. Using its whisker-like antennae, it probes its surroundings in the pitch-black darkness of soil.”

Nincada is a dual bug/ground type Pokémon – and one with a very unique evolution tree.  It evolves into Ninjask at level 20, but if the trainer has a spare Poké Ball and an extra slot in their party, Shedinja will also appear.  They have their homes in forests, but are almost always underground and gather around tree roots. Because of it having little to no exposure to sunlight and is unable to withstand it anyway, it is therefore blind – hence it navigates using its antennae and relies on touch instead of sight to move around. 

The sharp claws at the front of its body are used to carve into tree roots, so it can absorb food and water.  They can sometimes dwell underground for more than 10 years and otherwise stay motionless while waiting to evolve. During Ash’s training at Dewford Island in the animé, his group ran into a boy named Keanu and his Nincada. 

Rather than battling trainers to make his Pokémon stronger, he chose to use a Secret Base in solitude.  However, Team Rocket stole the base from him and much of the conflict in that one episode had Ash help him take it back.  It also marked the first appearance of Team Aqua, with them and Team Magma scouting the base for their own antagonistic motives.

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