Silcoon using String Shot by Chari-Artist

Kay, aka Chari-Artist is a cool artist from Canada who joined the Game-Art-HQ community back in 2014 already and became an important part of our big Legend of Zelda Art Collaboration, the Link’s Blacklist. In 2016 he joined our first Pokemon Tribute and continued to participate in the Generation based projects every year. He just claimed some of the Pokemon for our upcoming Gen IV Tribute already :- ) 

Have a good look at his whole gallery here!


String Shot

“Binds the foe with string to reduce its Speed.”

The String Shot does not deal any damage to the opponent(s) but reduces their speed significantly. Since the Gen VI games, it decreases the speed for two stages instead of one.

Unlike other Bug-Type moves that affect the stats, its accuracy is not 100%. 

Silcoon using Iron Defense by Yggdrassal

Yggdrassal from the United States is an active part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around three years now and contributed a good couple of video game artworks that are about games that are rarely getting any attention now.

He participated with a Timesplitters 3 entry as an example and Rocket: Robots on Wheels as part of our Nintendo 64 Tribute this year. He joined the Pokémon Gen I Tribute with Dodrio in the first May week already and drew seven more of the little Gen I creatures. He also holds the record of the most submissions for our Gen II & III Pokemon tributes with not less than 11 submissions in Gen II and another 16! in our Gen III Tribute!

Besides the many artworks he did for our Pokemon Tributes you can see a lot more art of many different kinds on his gallery here!


Iron Defense

“The user hardens its body’s surface like iron, sharply raising its Defense stat.”

Iron Defense is a non-damaging Steel-type move that raises the user’s Defence stat by two stages up to a maximum of six.  Some Pokemon can learn Iron Defense as an Egg Move while others can learn it through leveling up.




#266 Silcoon

“It prepares for evolution using the energy it stored while it was a Wurmple. It keeps watching over the surroundings with its two eyes.”


Silcoon is the cocoon form of Wurmple once it evolves to Level 7. After Level 10 Silcoon evolves into Beautifly; to which it’s alternate Cascoon evolves into Dustox at Level 10.

Like many cocoon forms of worm Pokemon, it relies heavily on defensive measures to prevent it from fainting. Hardening abilities, status effects, and poison type attacks make up the majority of its limited move set. The naturally hard silk is reinforced by water from dew and rainwater which also provides the growing Beautifly inside with nourishment.

Both protagonist May and antagonist Jessie had Wurmples evolve into Silcoon and Cascoon respectively. May’s Silcoon became a Beautifly while Jessie’s Cascoon became a Dustox. This isn’t a surprising parallel with the characters; as Beautifly and Dustox are quite literally day and night in personality opposites.


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