Latias using Mist Ball by Twarda8

Karolina Twardosz aka Twarda8 from Poland joined our first Pokemon Tribute after I invited her personally to this project, I think back in April or May of 2016. What she didn’t know was that she and a specific fan art she drew in February 2016 to tribute the Pokemon Anniversary was one of the reasons why we started our first Pokemon Art Collaboration! She did a wonderful little piece with the three starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle in front of the Games and a Nintendo 3DS. Her dedication to this piece made us think that we should do something for the Pokemon Fan Community as well. 

Twarda drew five of the Pokemon including MissingNo in 2016 and she returned every year so far with new artworks of her favourite Pokemon!


I recommend to visit her whole gallery on deviantART here!

Mist Ball

“A mist-like flurry of down envelops and damages the target. This may also lower the target’s Sp. Atk stat.”

Mist Ball is the Signature move by Latias, who is the first Pokemon in our art collaborations who used it. Its a Psychic-Type attack that does not only inflict damage, it has also a 50% chance of lowering the special attack stats of the enemy. 


Latias using Aerial Ace by Altarior

Altarior from Denmark is one of the around 15 artists that were invited for our first Pokémon Art Collaboration. I saw her impressive take on Hoh-Oh in February 2016 and had a feeling she would like this project. She drew not less than nine of the Generation I Pokemon which made her one of the most active artists for our first Pokemon Collaboration. In 2017 she returned to the fun and took “only” Togetic, Gligar, Remoraid, Skarmony, and Stantler while she became one of our most active artists in the Gen III Tribute again with eight of the lovely 135 Pokemon drawn by her alone for it!

You are going to find a ton of awesome artworks in her gallery here at deviantART!

Aerial Ace

“The user confounds the target with speed, then slashes. This attack never misses”

The Aerial Ace was introduced in the Gen III games in 2002 and is a damage-dealing Flying-type move that bypasses any accuracy checks.

It can hit non-adjacent opponents in Triple Battles since Gen V.



“Latias is highly intelligent and capable of understanding human speech. It is covered with a glass-like down. The Pokémon enfolds its body with its down and refracts light to alter its appearance”


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