Lombre using Rain Dance by hftran 

Huan Tran from the USA draws his favorite Pokemon since years and we were lucky that he came on board our Generation III Tribute in early 2018 to get Numel and Lombre. I am glad that he just joined our upcoming Gen IV tribute as well 🙂


Check out his gallery here for a lot more Pokemon art!


Rain Dance

Summons rain for five turns. While it is raining, the power of Water-type moves increases.

Rain Dance is a very interesting water-type move. The user dances to summon a rain storm that rages for 2 to 5 turns and boosts the power of water-type moves.

Rain Dance is pretty popular among the artists that participated in our Pokemon tribute so far. It was illustrated for five different Pokemon already!

Lombre using Energy Ball by Yggdrassal

Yggdrassal from the United States is an active part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around three years now and contributed a good couple of video game artworks that are about games that are rarely getting any attention now.

He participated with a Timesplitters 3 entry as an example and Rocket: Robots on Wheels as part of our Nintendo 64 Tribute this year. He joined the Pokémon Gen I Tribute with Dodrio in the first May week already and drew seven more of the little Gen I creatures. He also holds the record of the most submissions for our Gen II & III Pokemon tributes with not less than 11 submissions in Gen II and another 16! in our Gen III Tribute!

Besides the many artworks he did for our Pokemon Tributes you can see a lot more art of many different kinds on his gallery here!

Energy Ball

“The user draws power from nature and fires it at the foe. It may also lower the target’s Sp. Def. “

Energy Ball is a Grass-Type Move that deals damage, introduced in the Generation IV games (Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum).

It has a power rating of 90 and the nice side effect of lowering the opponents’ special defense by an amount of 10% as well. It does not affect targets with the Bulletproof ability though. Treecko learns Energy Ball at level 37 (previously 51 since Generation IV, and 50 in X and Y). The first Pokemon that learned the Energy Ball in our Project was Vileplume from Gen I!

#271 Lombre

“Lombre’s entire body is covered by a slippery, slimy film. It feels horribly unpleasant to be touched by this Pokémon’s hands. Lombre is often mistaken for a human child.”

Lombre is a dual Water/Grass type Pokemon in Pokémon first introduced in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.  It is the evolved form of Lotad starting at Level 14 and can become a Ludicolo when exposed to a Water Stone.

Maintaining the appearance of what looks to be an amphibious child, Lombres are found around ponds and streams. Its lilypad crest looks very much like that of a Mexican Sombrero; hence why it’s named Lombre which is similar to that of the Spanish word for man; “hombre.” But it’s origins in myth are derived from that of the Japanese Kappa, which also maintains an amphibious lifestyle with a dish-like crest on the top of its head to which it collects water to replenish its life energy. Lombre uses a similar technique to replenish itself in the form of Rain Dish; which is also its signature Ability.

Lombre’s prestige in a particular episode of the Pokemon anime was taken to new heights when Brock’s own Lotad evolved into one in a village deprived of much-needed water after defeating Team Rocket’s Solrock. Once it evolved into Lombre; the villagers recognized it as their “Great Water Lord”. Unfortunately, the villagers were angry at the Solrock even though it was being controlled by Team Rocket, to which the Lombre calmed its water stealing flames using Water Gun. The mist from this attack actually ascended into the sky giving the villagers rain to restore their water resources and thus quelling their anger.


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