Beedrill used Twineedle by Chari-Artist

Chari-Artist from Canada joined Game-Art-HQ with a great take on Aeralfos from the Legend of Zelda for our Link’s Blacklist in 2015 and participated with three submissions for the Pokémon Tribute with Beedrill being the first one, followed by Omanyte and Electrode.

You can see a lot more awesome video game fan art in the gallery on dA! 


“An attack that strikes twice. The target may occasionally become poisoned”

The Twineedle is an damage-dealing Bug-type multi-strike attack and was Beedrill’s signature move until the Generation V games. Twinneedle hits the opponents twice per use and also has a 1/5 chance of poisoning. The only other Pokémon that can learn the Twineedle by levelling is the Escavalier.



Beedrill used Pin Missile by Lara “C-r-o-f-t” Couzens

Lara C. from the UK (ofcourse!) is also a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years and participated in the majority of our projects with mostly very unpopular games and game characters, did you expect someone would claim Quake 64 as example when games like LoZ Ocarina of Time etc. were available as part of our Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute?

That’s Lara C. for you and I am glad we have individuals like her on board!  She has an amazing line-up of video game illustrations in her gallery on dA which you can see here.

Lara participated with three Pokémon in our tribute to the 151 Gen I creatures, Squirtle, Oddish and Beedrill!


“An attack that fires many needle-like projectiles from the body. Strikes several times”

Just like the Twineedle, the Pin Missile is also a damage-dealing Bug-type multi-strike move and hits the opponent 2-5 times per use. The chance that it hits 4-5 times is only 12,5% small though. Its accuracy was 85% in the Gen I-V games, in Pokémon X &Y it was buffed to 95%.

Only Beedrill and Jolteon could learn the Pin Missile through learning in the Pokémon Gen I games. 



“It has 3 poisonous stingers on its forelegs and its tail. They are used to jab its enemy repeatedly”

Beedrill is the final evolution of the small Weedle and is  a dual-type Bug/Poison Pokémon  that was inspired by Wasps and Bees. They attack the enemy in swarms with their mighty stingers, you don’t want to approach their nests for your own sake…



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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