Gardevoir using Dream Eater by Quartette

Quartette from Canada is a contributing Game-Art-HQ member since around 2014 already and it was almost a given that he would participate in our first Pokemon related collaboration. He was fast to grab the first of the two Doduo and Mr. Mime spots in 2016 and returned with his takes on Sunkern and Wooper in our Gen. II Tribute! In 2018 he got the popular Gardevoir as well as Slakoth the super effective Attract 🙂 

Have a look at his whole gallery on dA here!

Dream Eater

“Steals HP from a sleeping victim.”

Dream Eater is a Psychic-Type Move and was introduced in Generation I. It was used as TM Move TM42 and then returned in Generation IV as TM Move TM85. Once the target is put to sleep, a Pokemon using the Dream Eater move can steal the target’s HP while dealing 50% damage.

The move will never work if the target is fully awake. Also in Generation VI, the user cannot cast Dream-Eater if under the effects of Heal Block. 

Dream Eater is one of the last moves that Gardevoir can learn naturally – at level 60 in Generation III, 65 in Generation IV, 73 from Generation V and currently 53 since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Gardevoir using Wish by drjhordan

Jordano from Brazil is an active artist for over six years and was one of the first people who joined the GA-HQ Pokémon Tribute when it was announced on the 29th of April in 2016. He was one of the 9 artists that contributed six Pokémon in 2016 and in 2017 he contributed another four Pokemon artworks for Sunflora, Corsola, Houndour, and Miltank. He returned of course for our Generation III Tribute as well and got his hands on Gardevoir, Castform, Manectric, Cacturne and the cute Swablu!

Beside the Pokémon, he draws all kinds of art and developed also a good couple of own characters. I recommend you to have a good look at his Gallery on dA!


“One turn after this move is used, the target’s HP is restored by half the user’s max HP.”

Wish is a Normal-type move originally introduced in Generation III and it can’t even be blocked by Protect.  Only a few Pokemon can learn this move and there is no TM for it available. If used in a Pokemon contest then it is seen as a ‘cute’ move and can get an appeal rating of three.

Wish is one of a handful of moves that Gardevoir can only learn via the Move Reminder in exchange for a Heart Scale.


#282 Gardevoir

“It apparently does not feel the pull of gravity because it supports itself with psychic power. It will give its life to protect its Trainer.”

Gardevoir is a dual psychic / fairy type Pokémon (pure psychic before Generation VI) and one of Ralts’s final forms, evolving from Kirlia at level 30.  Much like the rest of its evolutionary line, its habitat is around urban areas.

Gardevoir’s connection with its trainer is at the point where it will defend them with its life and is willing to use all of its psychokinetic energies to do so.  It can look out for any catastrophic events in the future and can create small black holes while distorting dimensions.  These powers get amplified further the closer it is to the trainer, as well as the closer they are to peril.

Their debut in the animé was actually around the same time as Ralts.  While Ash’s group took a break before getting his eighth Hoenn gym badge, Max found a sick Ralts and under Brock’s advice, they decided to bring it to a Pokémon Center.  Meanwhile, a Gardevoir with a Kirlia was trying to reunite with it, with Gardevoir being the more patient of the two when they heard Max’s side of the story.  Ultimately, the Ralts recovered and all three Pokémon teleported away, with Max making a promise that he’ll come back when he’s old enough to be a trainer.



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