Squirtle used Water Gun (Pokemon Tribute on Game-Art-HQ.com) by GINO DESCALZI

Squirtle used Water Gun by Gino “Dreamgate-Gad” Descalzi

Dreamgate-Gad from Peru is one of the most active Game-Art-HQ Contributors now since around two years and started with a really unpopular character from the Final Fight games for one of our fighting game related projects and participated in almost all later art activites, our Pokemon Tribute however got his full dedication, today in September 2016 he drew already nine of the 151 lovely beasts!

You can see his whole gallery on dA here!

Squirtle Water Gun

“The foe is struck with a lot of water expelled forcibly from the mouth”

The Water Gun move is a pure damage dealing attack and just like Squirtle, it is there since the first of the Pokémon games.  


 Squirtle used Bubble by Lara Couzens

Squirtle used Bubble by Lara “C-r-o-f-t” Couzens

Lara C. from the UK (ofcourse!) is also a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years and participated in the majority of our projects with mostly very unpopular games and game characters, did you expect someone would claim Quake 64 as example when games like LoZ Ocarina of Time etc. were available as part of our Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute?

That’s Lara C. for you and I am glad we have individuals like her on board! Just like Gino she has an amazing line-up of video game illustrations in her gallery on dA which you can see here.


Squirtle Bubble

“A spray of countless bubbles is jetted at the opposing Pokémon. This may also lower their Speed stats.”

Like the Water Gun, Bubble is also a Water-Type attack move but it also has a 10% chance of lowering the speed of the opponent by one stage. Super handy against quick enemies of course! In the Gen VI Games (X&Y) the Bubble move got buffed up. Its power is now 40 instead of 20.


Squirtle Official Pokemon Red and Green Art

“After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth”

Squirtle is the third of the three starter Pokémon and still a lot more popular than its evolutions Wartortle and Blastoise, like Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo it was one of the first Pokémon that were claimed by an artist for this project on the first May days in 2016. 



Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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