Oddish used Sleep Powder by Lara “C-r-o-f-t” Couzens

Lara C. from the UK (ofcourse!) is also a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community now since years and participated in the majority of our projects with mostly very unpopular games and game characters, did you expect someone would claim Quake 64 as example when games like LoZ Ocarina of Time etc. were available as part of our Nintendo 64 Anniversary Tribute? 

That’s Lara C. for you and I am glad we have individuals like her on board! She has an amazing line-up of video game illustrations in her gallery on dA which you can see here. Oddish was the second of three Pokémon she drew for this project.


“The user scatters a big cloud of sleep-inducing dust around the foe”

Sleep Powder is a non-attacking move that puts the opposing Pokémon to sleep. In Generation I and II it always inflicted sleep on the opponent regardless of what Pokemon it was.

Subsequent generations have lessened its effects however; as Pokémon with such abilities as Insomnia or Vital spirit are not affected by it. Grass-Type Pokémon are also immune to its effects now.



Oddish used Ingrain by LuckyNumber113

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! – are the first words to describe LuckyNumber113 aka Kimberly from the USA who created two special submissions for the Game-Art-HQ Pokémon Tribute with her takes on Porygon which was drawn with pencils and her super unusual submission of Oddish in form of a model. Here is her own description about the Making Of…Oddish used Ingrain:

“Oddish is made of a small blue pom-pom and blue, green, and red felt, and I drew his mouth, the veins on his leaves, and the highlights in his eyes with black, green, and white acrylic paint.  I braided and bent strips of beige felt to represent thick, gnarled roots.  The yellow felt dots on them represent the little healing energy balls that Oddish is absorbing.”

Her gallery contains a lot more fun stuff, I recommend to visit it here!


“Lays roots that restore HP. The user can’t switch out”

Ingrain is a Grass-Type move that was debuting in the Pokémon Gen III games and deals no damage. The user plants roots into the ground which are restoring 16% of its HP at the end of every turn, the downside is that the Pokémon can not be switched with another one if Ingrain was used.

This changed a bit in the Pokémon V games when Ghost-type Pokémon could use Ingrain and still switch out whenever thewy wanted. Ingrain can also become stronger and restore 30% of the HP if the Pokémon holds a Big Root.




“During the day, it keeps its face buried in the ground. At night, it wanders around sowing its seeds”


Oddish is one of the is a dual-type Grass/Poison Pokémon that were introduced in the classic games and can evolve into Gloom and finally Vileplume.

It is also the first Plant-like Pokémon in the Pokedex. They appear often in the anime show and due to them being small and relative weak, they are often the chased and bullied victims, but don’t underestimate Oddish, they can learn pretty good moves like Poison Powder and the Petal Dance! 

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