Togetic used Wish by Altarior

Altarior from Denmark is one of the around 15 artists that were invited for our first Pokémon Art Collaboration. I saw her impressive take on Hoh-Oh in February 2016 and had a feeling she would like this project. She drew not less than nine of the Generation I Pokemon which made her one of the most active artists for our first Pokemon Collaboration. In 2017 she returned to the fun and took Togetic, Gligar, Remoraid, Skarmony and Stantler.

Gen I

You are going to find a ton of awesome artworks in her gallery here at deviantART!



“One turn after this move is used, the target’s HP is restored by half the user’s max HP.”

Wish is a Normal type move originally introduced in Generation III and it can’t even be blocked by Protect.

Only a few Pokemon can learn this move and there is no TM for it available. If used in a Pokemon contest then it is seen as a ‘cute’ move and can get an appeal rating of three.

Togetic is currently the only Pokemon in our Art Collaboration that uses the Wish!


Togetic used Safeguard by 3Paula3

Paula is a student from Spain that joined our community in summer 2016 and the Butterfree for the Pokémon Gen I Tribute was the first GA-HQ Art collaboration for her. I believe she draws some very cute stuff which can be seen in her dA gallery here. Last year I hoped she would return for Gen II and indeed she did with three submissions this time.

Her takes on Bellosoom, Togetic, Blissey and Igglybuff show her deep dedication to the Pokemon games!


“The user creates a protective field that prevents status conditions for five turns.”

Safeguard is a Normal type move firstly introduced in the second generation of Pokemon.

In the Pokemon movie ‘The Power of One’, the main legendary of the film, Lugia can be seen using this move a number of times. This was the same case for Celebi in the ‘Pokemon 4Ever’ movie.

Just like the Wish, the Safeguard move was used by Togetic for the first time in our Art Tribute!

#176 – Togekiss

“To share its happiness, it flies around the world seeking kind-hearted people.”


Togetic is a dual-type Fairy-Flying Pokemon known as the happiness Pokemon. It can be evolved from Togepi when exposed to a shiny stone with a high friendship.

It can sense kindness and happiness in people, often seeking them out to shower them in ‘joy dust’ upon finding someone that fits the bill correctly. It is said to be rare in the wild so seeing one would be quite the sight, especially with how serene and angelic it appears to be.

In the Pokemon anime, Misty owned a Togepi for a very long amount of time before it finally evolved into a Togetic and she left it in the Mirage Kingdom, a Togepi paradise that Togetic swore to protect. Releasing Togetic proved very difficult for Misty as she had hatched it from an egg and it hadn’t left her side since.



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