Togepi used Yawn by Sunshineshiny

Sunshineshiny from the USA joined the GA-HQ community with her take on Mew in May 2016, and quickly claimed Togepi when we announced the Gen. II Tribute.


She draws a ton of cute fan art of all kinds which can be seen here.


“A huge yawn lulls the foe into falling asleep on the next turn”

Yawn is one of the pretty unconventional Pokemon moves and was introduced in Generation III.  You know how often other people will yawn if you just yawned? Now imagine your yawn will make the other people so tired that they will fall asleep..this is basically how Yawn works in Pokemon.

The opponent will fall asleep after the next round unless it is already afflicted by a non-volatile status condition. Yawn won’t work if the opponent has the Sweet Veil ability though.

Slowpoke was the first Pokemon that used Yawn in our Pokemon Art Collaboration!


Togepi used Charm by cubehero

Cubehero from Germany is a Game-Art-HQ contributor since almost 3 years now but submitted mostly fighting game related video game fan art including this Dizzy from Guilty Gear art that won our July 2016 Art Challenge. That he would join our  Pokémon Generation I tribute with Weedle was a total surprise! He joined our Pokemon II Tribute with the three illustrations of Chinchou, Politoed and Togepi.

He drew over hundred video game fan arts here!


“A move that charms the target into complacency, sharply reducing its Attack power.”

Charm is a non-damaging Normal-type move originally introduced in Generation II. It became a Fairy-type move from Generation VI on.

The attack stat of the target is lowered by two stages when Charm is used, which helps soften the blow to a small Pokemon like Teddiursa when pitted against bigger foes. In contests it is seen as a cute move.

Granbull using Charm? Yup, thats something special.


#175 – Togepi

“It transforms the kindness and joy of others into happiness, which it stores in its shell.”


Togepi is a baby Pokemon that is mostly male (87.5%) and the start of the Togekiss line, evolving into Togetic when levelled up with high friendship and eventually to Togekiss when exposed to a shiny stone. It is said that it can shoot poison from the spikes on its head. Togepi is one of the first pokemon from the second generation to be revealed in the pokemon anime, and it plays a key role in the overall story of Pokemon Silver and Gold. As an egg pokemon, it is treated as the link for where pokemon come from.

The research of Togepi is the catalyst for the start of the adventure in generation 2. The player is given a Togepi egg in the Gold, Silver and Crystal games and this was the first introduction to Pokemon eggs and breeding ever in the Pokemon franchise. Walking around with the egg can cause it to hatch into a Togepi.

Togepi also played a huge role in the anime in which Ash, Misty and Brock fought with Team Rocket over who got to keep it after it hatched from its egg. It eventually chose to stay with Misty as she had been the first person it had seen once it hatched and developed a strong bond with her. It eventually went on to evolve into a Togekiss and Misty had to release it to protect the other Togepi from danger, much to her sadness.

Togepi is a Normal type. Like other baby Pokemon, Togepi evolves through a happiness bond with its trainer. It is rare and primarily unknown before it is discovered and brought to Professor Elm.


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