Kabutops used X-Scissor by traemol

Traemol from Chile was one of the artists that joined a Game-Art-HQ  Video Game Art Collaboration for the first time due to our Gen I tribute and he claimed Kabutops in May, a few weeks after we started this project already.


“The user slashes at the foe by crossing its scythes or claws as if they were a pair of scissors”

The X-Scissor is one of the Bug-Type Moves and was introduced in the Generation IV Pokemon Games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum) It deals damage without any side effects and has a Power Rating of 80.


Kabutops used Night Slash by Altarior

Altarior is one of the around 15 artists that were invited for our first Pokémon Art Collaboration. I saw her impressive take on Hoh-Oh in February 2016 and thought that someone who draws the Pokémon with such a dedication would sure like the idea of a project that celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the first Pokémon games and also adds a new twist with the focus on illustrating the many different abilities of the first 151 Pokémon.

I  am sure she will be back for Gen II in 2017 🙂


“The user slashes the foe the instant an opportunity arises. It has a high critical-hit ratio.”

Night Slash is a dark-type move introduced in Generation IV. The biggest pay-off of this move is that the chance for landing critical hits increases.

A good multitude of Pokémon can learn this move; even non-Dark Types such as Fairy and Ghost can learn it.



“Swims very quickly. It tears at its foe with sickle-like forelegs and drains the foe’s body fluids entirely”

As threatening in looks as it sounds, Kabutops is an ancient dual type Pokemon; part Rock-Type and Part Water-Type. It evolves from Kabuto starting at level 40 after being revived from a Dome Fossil.

Long before humans walked the Earth, Kabutops began evolving on its own from its Kabuto form approximately over 300 million years ago. It grew legs and adapted to a land-dwelling existence in order to hunt prey. It’s vicious scythe-like claws are as effective as they are menacing; tearing at opponents and prey. To top it off, it sucks out the meaty tidbits and life energy residing in its prey. It definitely isn’t a Pokemon you want to bother; as it prefers seclusion and becomes very hostile if provoked.

Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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