Bellossom used Petal Dance by 3Paula3

Paula is a student from Spain that joined our community in summer 2016 and the Butterfree for the Pokémon Gen I Tribute was the first GA-HQ Art collaboration for her. I believe she draws some very cute stuff which can be seen in her dA gallery here. Last year I hoped she would return for Gen II and indeed she did with three submissions this time.

Her takes on Bellosoom, Togetic, Blissey and Igglybuff show her deep dedication to the Pokemon games!


The Petal Dance

“A dance-like attack that lasts two to three turns. Afterwards, the attacker becomes confused”

The Petal Dance is a damage dealing Grass-Type Move and hurt the attacked opponent for 3-4 rounds in the first Generation Pokemon games but only 2-3 Rounds since Generation II.

While its base power is 70 in the classic Pokemon games, it was increased to 90 in the Gen III games and again to 120 in the Gen V games. This is a pretty powerful move, but the user will become confused afterwards. 

Eight of the Pokemon in our Generation I & II Tributes are using the Petal Dance, making it one of the most illustrated Pokemon Moves so far!

Bellossom used Sunny Day by AClockworkKitten

Pusa from the United States joined our Pokemon Tribute I in summer 2016 relative late but drew not less than three beautiful illustrations for it. Starting with Goldeen, Diglett and finally a super cool Exeggcute one. In 2017 she joined the Gen II Tribute quickly and took the slots of Hoppip, Bellossom and Yanma.


I recommend to visit her whole gallery to see many more cute artworks 🙂


Sunny Day

Makes the weather sunny for five turns. When sunny, Fire-type moves are more powerful.

Sunny Day is a Fire-Type move that debuted in the Gen II games and is not directly damaging the opponents but buff’s up Fire Type Moves while it decreases the Power of Water-Type moves. Its super effective against the right opponents.

The Sunny Day effect lasts for five rounds and can change the outcome of a battle easy if used wisely. 

Sunny Day is currently used by four of the Pokemon in our Tribute!

“When these dance together, their petals rub against each other, making pretty, relaxing sounds.”


Bellossom is a pure grass-type Pokémon that are more commonly seen in tropical regions. Their dances are very well-known in the southern lands, where their flowers’ petals are much deeper in color. Regardless of where they spawn, they often perform rituals during both cloudy weather and at the aftermath of heavy rainfall, with the aim to bring back the sun.

Bellossom is one of two end-evolutions for the Oddish line, the other being Vileplume. Ironically, the smelliest Gloom that evolve into this form have the most beautiful flowers. These petals also close at night as it goes to sleep.

Bellossom’s first (and second) appearance was in the form of Belle and Bella – a dance troupe under command by trainer Bailey, seen training for a performance at the Pokemon Exhibition in the anime-exclusive Florando Town. Facing insecurity over struggles to perfect their routine, Ash and the others would balance their conflicts against Team Rocket with boosting the troupe’s morale, ultimately leading them to perfect their act. Interestingly, while the Bellossom species is known for its dancing as a whole, they rely on the leaves on their lower half for movement and therefore don’t have actual footprints.



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