May 2014

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #1 2014

02-8th May 2014

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #2 2014

09-15th May 2014

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #3 2014

16-22th May 2014

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #4 2014

23-29th May 2014


20th May Jinx & Vi from LoL Fan Art Special


Claptrap-GAHQ-Challenge-1 Claptrap-GAHQ-Challenge-2 Claptrap-GAHQ-Challenge-3

01.May- 11th May – DRAW A CLAPTRAP Art Challenge in our deviantART Group


The Game-Art-HQ DeviantART group is now a invite-only group.


April 2014

04-10 April 2014

11-17 April 2014

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-3-April 2014

18-24 April 2014

Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-4-April 2014

25th April-1st May 2014

04. April, New Blog Series started, from now on there will be a Friday Feature with 5 fan art pieces every Friday in the year.


31 March- 06th April – DRAW A MOOGLE Art Challenge in our deviantART Group


March 2014


19th March. 2014

Super Metroid was released 20 years ago. One of the best Super Nintendo games ever.

We tribute Super Metroid with around 15 pieces artworks ranging from story related illustrations to those about the boss characters of the game.

You can see our art tribute here.



March 09.2014 – The Game Character Profile pages got updated as well as the GA-HQ Main Page, from now on, the website will also be a growing database.

It starts for now with only a handful tags like the system a game character was first seen on, the year when the first games were released, the birthplaces of game characters and their weapons and fighting styles.

The Plan is to add a lot more during the next months.



Monday, 3th March, due to a totally random thought about a Goomba at breakfast, i started an art challenge /draw for fun week about the Goomba from the Super Mario series on the deviantART group. Almost 30 artists liked the idea and drew their versions of the famous enemies of Mario and Luigi. This will continue with other characters in the next months.


February 2014

28th February – The Capcom Art Contest about fighting games and beat’em up games by Capcom which are not often drawn ended. Over 40 artworks abour Rival Schools, Onimusha, Marvel vs. Capcom, Red Earth and many more were submitted for this contest.



20th. February 2014 – Link’s Friendlist is done and published!

Around 50 artists participated in our second Legend of Zelda Art Project and illustrated 30 different protagonists of the Legend of Zelda games ranging from Zelda I to A Link between Worlds.

You can see the main gallery here. This project will most likely be continued later this year, probably in November.


January 2014


Over 20 submissions for the upcoming Link’s Friendlist Project arrived, on Fighting-Games-Elite we started the year with the Capcom Art Contest about not often drawn and almost forgotten fighting games by them.



Future Plans for 2014

Tekken & Playstation 20th Anniversary Art Tributes will be published in the first December week

Link’s Blacklist Round IV will be published on the 15th June

Halloween Art Contest during the complete October on both GA-HQ and FGE

Mario’s Blacklist will start on 20th June

Hope you have fun browsing on Game-Art-HQ! Check out this homepage for news and updates or visit the Blog. Stay tuned!