Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #1 2014

Updates on Game-Art-HQ of the last week:

In the last week a total of 26 video game characters got their galleries updated or completely new ones, we did also a lot of updating for the Official Art Galleries of the King of Fighters and SoulCalibur games.

Link’s Blacklist got a good couple of submissions, and we moved our “FGE Project” forward with ten artists which are drawing totally unknown fighting game characters which did not ANY fan art before on dA!

Last but not least our Playstation 20th Anniversary Tribute for December got 2 damn nice submissions as well, one includes all the Guardian Forces from Final Fantasy VIII.

This week we have a super different cast of characters in the Friday Fan Art Feature ranging from the popular Princess Peach, drawn this time in relation to the Mario Kart games (can’t wait for MK8) to a different take on Trevor Philips from GTA 5.

Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!


Princess Peach Mario Kart Art

Princess Peach from Super Mario Kart

Indy-Lytle from Canada created a whole series of Mario Kart character illustrations like this one of Princess Peach with her motorcycle there and i found them quite cool with this style rarely used for any Super Mario related fan art.

This work was also created for the Hero Complex Gallery, for the Righteous Rides show.

I recommend taking a look at the original deviation page on dA where she lists the other pieces of her Mario Kart themed series!





Altair Assassins Creed

Altair – Ibn-La’Ahad by GinevraCamelot

From Princess Peach, one of Nintendo’s biggest stars to Altair who helped to make the Assassin’s Creed games being something damn popular today.

This guy was the first of the Assassin’s we got to play as and GinebraCamelot from Spain drew this awesome looking illustration of him back in February last year.

She wrote: “ I also wanted to give my personal touch, the background is the inside the Palace of Aljafería. I enjoyed painting each column, arches … Yes, a lot of geometry!

She drew a good couple more AC related works, you can see them at her gallery here.




Trevor Philips Young GTA V US Army

Trevor Philips: IN THE ARMY NOW!

Vrihedd from Russia got featured here with her Outsider from Dishonored ages ago and i knew that would not be the last time.

Back in January she drew that motherf*cker Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V at a much younger age than he appears in the game..he even has lots of hair there on his head!

He looks almost like a nice guy in this illustration or? 🙂

ps: While Trevor is Canadian, he mentioned that he was in the US Army before.



Trevor Philips

Selphie FFVII Cosplay in her SEED Uniform

Selphie Cosplay from FFVIII in her SEED Uniform

Final Fantasy VIII is one of my favourite FF games, can’t deny that..and am happy about any fan / cosplay art i see related to it and its characters like Squall, Rinoa, Edea and..Selphie!

Selphie Tilmitt, the young and quirky (sometimes annoying) SEED student which accompanies the party and has one of the funniest hairdos for female Final Fantasy characters ever.

Kiki “KannonKosplay” Kannon did not only do Selphie and her Hair justice there, she also looks at least as cute as Selphie in the game. Awesome work by both her and the Photographer from the MegaCon Convention




Momohime Artwork 

Momohime – The Oboro Style Master!

Momohime and Jinkuro from Muramasa Rebirth drawn by Riku Aoshi from Vietnam.

Never played Muramasa yet..due to it not being on a system i own..which seems to be a damn shame since everyone says the game is great and a must-have for Beat’em Up Genre enthusiasts..and i am one for sure since the old-school Final Fight and TMNT games!

Totally hope that Muramasa will finally get ported to the PS3 or PS4 or even the PC…please Vanillaware make it happen!





Zer0 Borderlands 

Zer0 ..the Number!

Borderlands 2 and its DLC was one of the most played games by me since it was released in September 2012 and Zer0, one of the new playable characters is easily one of the coolest Ninja like guys ever seen in a shooter.

Am sure we will see this guy again in any new Borderlands games including that Pre-In-Between game coming soon.

This one was drawn in April last year by Justduet who draws a lot awesome video game related fan art, i totally recommend visiting her gallery on dA!





This series of blogs will continue on Friday the 9th May, if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!