Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #4 2014

Updates on Game-Art-HQ of the last week:

Heya and welcome to the Weeks Review on GA-HQ!

The King of Fighters 20th Anniversary Tribute is a sure thing now and over 30 artists showed their interest and 4 damn fine illustrations s are submitted even already!

Beside that, there were the usual updates here with character galleries for Ganon(dorf), Ike from Fire Emblem who was just revealed to be in Super Smash bros 4 WiiU and 3DS btw, Hyo Imawano from Rival Schools a very big gallery for Mai Shiranui and around ten others.

I featured 6 fan arts about the League of Legends Characters Jinx and Vi and thought that the Friday Fan Art feature series should be a bit more related to the GA-HQ Community on dA. 3-4 of the featured artworks will be direct submissions to GA-HQ Activities like our monthly character art challenges or submissions to the group in general.

Iori Yagami from KOF and Amingo from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 were drawn for the “FGE Project”, an initiative to get basically all fighting game characters illustrated through fans.

The Goomba, Moogle and Claptrap Artworks were made for our monthly art challenges and the Angler Fish was made for Link’s Blacklist Round IV which will be published on the 30th June.

Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!



Goomba Comic Super Mario Bros

Bow down to the ferocious Goomba!

If you thought Bowser is a real threat for Mushroom Kingdom…think again..the Age of the Goomba is coming!

Will Super Mario have a chance against this new enemy and can he rescue Princess Daisy again?

Buy first issue of THE FEROCIOUS GOOMBA by the Koopa Comics Group at your next comics store!


This super awesome oldschool Marvel-Comics-Cover like funny take on the Goomba was a part of the first Game-Art-HQ Character Week Challenge back in March and drawn by Michael J. Larson. Check out his whole gallery on dA there!


This started seriously during a convo of myself and my gf about breakfast when the word GOOMBA was in my head somehow and I just knew that it could be a friggin’ fun thing to see what happens if other gamers think about those little foes as well and could participate in a little art activity.


The results were super funny and the Goombas were drawn in a lot of different forms and ideas by over 30 artists. Since the idea to draw a well known but not often drawn game character got a lot positive feedback, this evolved to a monthly art challenge for the first 7-12 days of a new month!





Amingo from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Game-Art-HQ

Amingo from Marvel vs. Capcom 2 – Siesta Time!

Amingo here is one of those fighting game characters who were in only one game and got almost no attention by fans yet since he is pretty unknown and obscure as well.

He is a part of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and I remember reading that he was once planned to be in a Darkstalkers game but plans changed.

This guy is basically a big fighting Cactus who looks somewhat Mexican thanks to his Sombrero

This take on Amingo was drawn by Shinragod as part of the FGE Art Collaboration where we try to get many fighting game characters drawn by fans which were rarely drawn before.

 Moogle Final Fantasy Cute Fan Art

Moogles History Lesson in the Library!

 After the big success of the Goomba Week it was clear that the Idea of Weekly Art Challenges every month were liked by many artists but it was not so easy to find more game characters which ar:

A) Well Known B) Relative easy to draw while they can also be used for detailed ideas and C) Are also liked by many gamers.

The Moogles from Final Fantasy seemed to be the ideal characters and that gut-feeling was right. There were again around 30 artists who participated with uber-cute and funny illustrations of these guys, including LatinRabbit who drew that young Moogle who gets a history lesson about Mont Blanc and all the other Moogles who helped to save the World 🙂


Iori Yagami KOF Game-Art-HQ FGE

Iori Yagami in his classic design from the King of Fighters

Iori Yagami from the King of Fighters games is one of the more popular males in fighting games but it took almost 2 years until someone claimed him for our FGE Project.

This someone is Martina-G from Italy who participates in our art collaborations since over a year already including multiple Illustrations for our Tekken art tributes. She is also working on the Iori Team for our upcoming KOF 20th Anniversary Gallery in August.

Looking forward on her take on Vice and Mature!

Claptrap the Fragtrap

CL4P-TP Th3 F246T24P!

And here we have the CL4P-TP from the Borderlands games, more known as Claptrap, the robot who talks and talks and talks..likes Dubstep and Pizza and most people on Pandora just hate him.

I really thought that many gamers would know and like this guy but instead some thought the Claptrap from the old Donkey Kong games was meant and others asked who this guy is…okay..seems Borderlands is not THAT known yet…but in the end we still got some pretty awesome and dedicated Claptrap artworks together including this one by Eddy Shinjuku who participated also in multiple Game-Art-HQ Art Collaborations before and won the Borderlands 2 Art Contest we had back in 2012.





Angler Fish Zelda for LB

The Angler Fish from LOZ: Link’s Awakening – LBIV

Link’s Blacklist is our big art collaboration about the many Monsters in the Legend of Zelda games, and since March we have the 4th Round of it ongoing since we started it in June 2012.

Over 200 different artworks were drawn for this giant project, the Angler Fish here which is a boss in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is the first submitted illustration for the fourth round and was drawn by CorvusRone from the Uruguay who participated with multiple submissions already.


In the game itself, this boss is not that difficult if you know its weak spots but CorvusRone managed to make it a damn dangerous looking foe there!


This series of blogs will continue on Friday the , if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!