Vi –  the Piltover Enforcer and Jinx –  the Loose Cannon which are two super funny League of Legends characters and were both drawn and also cosplayed by a lot of damn talented artists.

Have fun looking at this awesome League of Legends fan art!


Vi-and-Jinx-from-League-of Legends-

Vi & Jinx Wallpaper by DioHard



This fan art of Jinx was sitting around for some months just like herself there lol

Am happy that Speeh who got featured on Game-Art-HQ last year already with his take on Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite finally finished this one.

I bet Jinx just caused chaos and loves watching it from that position there.

Jinx LoL Fan Art


While Vi has these giant Iron Glove Weapons, she is still a super beautiful female design and I think Orenji-Kun from Canada captured that  perfectly in this portrait art of her. He has many more LoL and DOTA related fan art in his gallery on dA..strongly recommended to visit!  Vi LoL Portrait Art

 Jinx LoL Cyberpunk Design Skin Art Redesign

I seriously love these Skin Ideas for League of Legends characters made by fans and wish that some of them could make it into the game sometimes like Iury Padilha‘s Cyberpunk Jinx Idea. This artist drew also some League of Legends Fighting Game concepts and one of the best Sadira (new Killer Instinct) illustrations seen so far. Check out his gallery on dA, you will love it!  

 Vi League of Legends Cyberpunk Skin Splash Art

 Jinx is not the only League of Legends character who could get a fitting Cyberpunk Skin and who would be a better choice as the 2nd Champion with such a design than Vi who is rumored to be Jinx’s sister?

Kashuse designed this skin concept and also shared her ideas for it via the illustrations to the right.

Awesome stuff!

Vi Lol Cyberpunk Skin Concept Art by_kashuse 


Jinx is often shooting at everything in sight and surrounded by explosions but here we have just her alone, drawn as super innocent as she is supposed to be!

Okay..not can see that she is planning something bad already in this pin-up like artwork by Dandonfuga. Loving the shading and her facial expression in this one.

Jinx the Loose Cannon PinUp Art


Last but not least I wanted to feature this unusual League of Legends fan art which is not drawn with the dark shadings and lots of action ongoing in the background 🙂

Here we have a funny take on Vi with the well-known Chibi style and KAWAII AS FUCK eyes 😛

Linkitty from Spain drew this and also created some merchandising with this image..check out her dA Profile for more information.


Vi League of Legends