In the last week, we mainly updated our database and added around 20 more video game characters to it including Sabrewulf from Killer Instinct, Anima from Final Fantasy X, Gabriel Belmont from the recent Castlevania games and many more.

We finished the “Draw A Moogle” Art Challenge Week in our dA Group on Monday with around 25 submissions and also got a fine batch of new submissions for our Link’s Blacklist Round IV and the Tekken 20th Anniversary Art Tribute incoming. I am proud to say that Katsuhiro Harada from Namco himself saw one of the submissions and looks forward to see the whole thing later this year!


Like last Friday, when we started this new Fan Art Feature, 5 very different video game related artworks made by fans will be shown here, thanks to the positive feedback last week, this feature series will continue on Game-Art-HQ!


Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!



Ryu Ironman Fan Art

Ryu Redesign as IronMan

There are Zombie Versions of Ryu from Street Fighter already, so why not a mash-up with the popular Marvel Comics character Iron-Man too?

BossLogic from Australia is a big Street Fighter fan like myself, and created a lot of great SF related fan arts already ranging from very realistic looking works, up to robotic /cyber versions of the characters.

Am totally looking forward to his next projects!

He made a facebook fanpage recently, be sure to visit it!





Elizabeth Bioshock Burial At Sea Cosplay

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Burial At Sea Cosplay

Never played Bioshock Infinite and its DLC: Burial At Sea yet, but Angela Bermúdez from Costa Rica seems to be THE real world Elizabeth Incarnation.

She got featured on Game-Art-HQ last year already for her cosplay of Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite where she cosplayed the main game version of Elizabeth including the fitting environments, gestures and facial expressions.

I called her cosplays once “high-class” and that description still fits for whatever she does!





Monk Diablo Fan Art

The Male Monk from Diablo 3

Personally i hoped the Necromancer, my favourite character class in Diablo II would return in the new expansion Diablo III: Reaper of Souls but the new Crusader class seems to be fun as well.

Anyway, this male Monk there above is one of the many awesome illustrations of the Diablo III characters made for the big art contest held on deviantART and sponsored by Blizzard a few weeks. I liked this composition a lot, and it surprised me it was not among the winners.

The artist, Dmitry Yahovskiy from the Republic of Belarus, was one of the winners of our Capcom contest earlier this year with a great Onimusha Warlords related submission, his gallery on dA is full with very different fan arts and more, absolutely worth to check out!



Monk Class


Ayame Tenchu Wrath of Heaven Art

Ayame from Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven

Daniel MacGregor from Canada challenged himself with a daily drawing fro the complete February 2014, you can see all 28 on his blog here.

His third fan art was this one which shows Ayame, one of the main protagonists in the Tenchu: Stealth Assassin’s series. That series started back in 1998 on the Playstation and while it even got sequels on the  XB360 and Wii it seems pretty dead now sadly. Hoping totally for a new part sooner or later, maybe on the Playstation 4…the Assassin’s Creed series could use some serious competition!




Samus Aran Dead

Samus Aran from Metroid..

As the last piece of our weekly fan art feature today i wanted to share this very sad but also damn phenomenal Samus Aran illustration which shows her in the moment all gamers hate.

Game Over…”You Are Dead”

As a long time Metroid fan i was quite speechless when i saw this artwork a few days ago. Am not the biggest fan of the countless Sexy Zero Suit Samus Pics but a dead version of her is quite something..and that in such a detailed piece where just everything fits together.

This one got the daily deviation honor last sunday and it was well deserved. Emotional fan art at its finest by the Japanese artist Ayatonas. Many of the works in the gallery are NSFW, if thats no problem for you, have a look!

Happy Weekend everyone!



Samus Aran


This series of blogs will continue on Friday the 18th April, if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!