Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #3 2014 

Updates on Game-Art-HQ of the last week:

First of all, Link’s Blacklist IV will be delayed from the 15th June to the 25th due to the E3. The project is coming along very nicely and around 10 character galleries of it are online already but the main one will be published later.

Around 15 new game character galleries were published in the last week including Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy X, Ike from Fire Emblem, Cammy White from Street Fighter and many more.

Yesterday, on the 15th May I asked the FGE community about doing an Art Tribute about the 20th Anniversary of the King of Fighters series in August. The reactions were simply awesome. Over 25 artists liked the idea and are going to draw illustrations of the KOF Teams like Terry and Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi. This includes the whole series and we have teams there ranging from KOF’94 to KOF XIII.

This tribute has a deadline of the 1st August and will be published on Game-Art-HQ. Com on the 25th August, exactly 20 years after KOF made its way into Japanese Arcades.

Big Kudos @ everyone being a part of this art collaboration. For the case you are an artist and this tribute interests you, you can find more information here

Like last week, there are two cosplay artworks in the Friday Fan Art feature, this ratio of 4 drawn artworks and two photo /cosplay artworks will continue in the next weeks as well!

Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!



Poison USFIV Sexy Art

Poison from Final Fight and USFIV

This week we start with a damn sexy take on Poison from the Final Fight series and now also a playable fighter in Ultra Street Fighter IV!

I love that this fan art shows Poison in a beautiful way and is not like many others playing with the “ITS A TRAP” joke.

The artist behind this, Sergio “Zaidoigres” Diaz from Argentina has a pretty interesting gallery to see at dA..definitely worth to visit!





Get Jinxed LoL Fan Art


Get Jinxed! Is the theme song for Jinx, the Loose Cannon a League of Legends Champion character who debuted in late 2013 and got a lot of praise and attention by many fans and artists. Federica “Darynoir” RiKa from Italy is one of the artists which got Jinxed and drew this illustration of Jinx based on the official music video.

Loving the comic style and strong colors in this one!





Vaas Montenegro Cosplay Definition of Insanity

Vaas Montenegro –  Cosplay of Insanity

Vaas Montenegro, one of the villains in Far Cry 3 was cosplayed here by the damn insane Kelume /MissSinister from the USA who did some pretty hefty cosplays in the recent months.

I mean..taking the work to create a costume is one thing..but shaving the hair completely, and create some really unique cosplays of male characters like Sagat from Street Fighter and Vaas Montenegro ..that all with fitting environments and some photoshop magic sometimes….wow..thats what i call dedicated.

*high five* Kelume..we still need to meet each other in Tekken sooner or later!



Vaas Montenegro


Kratos Portrait

Kratos the God of War Portrait

Kratos, always angry..always ready to slay and slash something and someone! Illustrated here by the artist Thestickibear from the UK, with traditional tools like Ink, Ink Wash and a red Watercolor Marker on good old-fashioned paper.

I like this portrait a lot, the coloring and lines are just perfect and give Kratos the strong facial expression he has in the games as well.




Unknown TTT2 Cosplay

Unknown TTT2 Cosplay Art

This looks like one of the best Tekken related cosplays I have seen so far, especially of this character, Unknown the boss in Tekken Tag Tournament 1 & 2.

This cosplay here is based on Unknown in TTT2 where you can see Jun Kazama changing into Unknown with no real clothes but this goo-like stuff around her.

To re-create this character-design, the Russian Artists Julia Kasu and the Photographer Haji used Silicone and not bodypaint.

Loving this cosplay. Kudos @ both of you!

Unknown (Tekken)



Super Mario Fan Art Hammer

Friday Evening in Mushroom Kingdom

From Tekken character cosplays and God of War we go back to the roots with our last featured fan art this week. Here we go, its good old Mario again on this friday afternoon enjoying his pause and looking forward to a weekend without having to run and jump around.

Just two weeks and Mario Kart 8 is released for the WiiU, one of the most anticipated games for the console since a long time. It got a 9 of 10 at destructoid and I guess all the praise for that one is well deserved.

This kinda peaceful Mario fan art was drawn by Marios-Tri4ce from the USA as one of his first digital drawn artworks!





This series of blogs will continue on Friday the 23th May, if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!