…got updated and redesigned a bit in the last weeks. Beside being a small community about art tributes to video games and featuring fan art and cosplays here the website is also a growing database with more and more informations and images about video game characters.

We are still mainly THE video game fan art website and community and will underline this with a new series of fan art features every friday, starting today with a very wild mix of fan art including Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, Beatrix from Final Fantasy, Lilith from Borderlands 2, Delsin Rowe from the just released inFamous: 2nd Son and last but not least the 3D Models of Link made for the Link’s Blacklist Illustrations by the artist.


Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!



Scorpion Unmasked Mortal Kombat 9 by_flavio luccisano

Scorpion Unmasked in his Mortal Kombat 9 Look

Scorpion is a scary looking guy in his Mortal Kombat 9 designs anyway, but Flavio Luccisano from Argentina also removed his Ninja Mask which changes Scorpion into Nightmare material if you ask me 🙂

Seriously, Scorpion without his mask is one of the scariest undead fighting game characters ever, even beating Spinal from Killer Instinct and his haunting laugh.

Kudos to Flavio for creating another Mortal Kombat fan-art with his skills!





Lilith The Siren by Hidrico

Lilith from Borderlands 2 Cosplay & Photomanipulation Art

On first sight this might look like a completely drawn illustration of Lilith, the powerful and sexy Siren from the Borderlands games, but it is actually the result of a well done cosplay and the later photomanipulation.

Alba Herrera the cosplayer and Rubén Madrid the photographer and editor are both from Spain and worked together multiple times in the last years to create some fascinating photos and costumes.

If something deserves the tag Cosplay-Art, its their works!


Lilith BL


Classic NES Link from LoZ in 3D ArtLink from the first and classic Legend of Zelda on the NES, modelled in 3D for the Link’s Blacklist LoZ Bosses Illustrations

One of my favourite features of the big Link’s Blacklist Art Project is that there are many artists among the participating ones which are not only drawing the monsters or bosses of the Legend of Zelda games but are using tools like 3D Model software to recreate the over 25-year-old characters in 3D. In cases of the Manhandla and the Dodongo probably for the first time, and that with a breath-taking amount of details.

Link is not even the main element in those works but Efraimrdz from Mexico thought about just all kinds of details like making his weapons visible in the 3D Model of classic Link there. He participated in a lot more Game-Art-HQ Art Projects, i recommend visiting his gallery on dA as well!

Link (LOZ)


Delsin Rowe Evil Karma Version inFamous Second Son

Delsin Rowe from inFamous: Second Son

This is Delsin Rowe, the new main protagonist of the just released inFamous: Second Son for Playstation 4.

Both his character and his powers are quite different from Cole MacGrath, but  – so far – there is a Good Karma / Evil karma option in the game like in previous inFamous games and the Guzzardi Artists drew the Evil Version before there were reviews of the game with details about it.

Shenae & Mel Guzzardi from Australia are big fans of the inFamous series and created a 10 day countdown art series with one new artwork per day.

I like the psychotic look they gave him 🙂

Have much fun playing that game you two!!



Delsin Rowe

Beatrix Final Fantasy IX Art

Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX

Beatrix is has to be fought two times in Final Fantasy IX, but later she switches sides after she is able to see that her Queen was manipulated by Kuja since a long time.

She is sadly not one of the main protagonists and is joining the party only for a short time but has some of the coolest moves in the whole game.

Lia “Pechan” P. drew Beatrix in all her elegance in this fan art, the “Rose of Alexandra” rarely looked better before!

Lia participated with a beautiful take on Kazuya and Angel from Tekken 2 in our art tribute to the game back in 2013, this year she is back for our big 20th Anniversary Tribute of Tekken in December. Can’t wait to see her work for that one!





This series of blogs will continue on Friday the 11th April, if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!