Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-4-April 2014

Updates on Game-Art-HQ of the last week:

All the Mortal Kombat 3- MK Trilogy Character Artwork submissions for our big Mortal Kombat Tribute have their own updated galleries now! Only three MK Character designs are currently not claimed from the over 300 and it looks like the project is finally done soon after being in the works for almost two years!

Over 10 more video game characters are featured in the Database including some famous ones like Luigi to really unknown ones like Haohmaru from the Samurai Shodown fighting games and Braum The Heart of the Freljord who is the latest League of Legends Champion and was revealed just a few days ago.

The website design changes seem to be liked and useful, the number of visitors through Google raised to over 200 more per day than the week before.

From next week on forward, the Friday Fan Art Feature gets an own link in the menu-bar above to give it a prominent space on Game-Art-HQ.

Elizabeth from Burial At Sea, Naked Snake /Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid, Garrus Vakarian from the Mass Effect Trilogy, Ellie from the Last Of Us, Super High Mario and Tron Bonne are the protagonists of this weeks feature!

 Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!


Elizabeth Bioshock Burial At Sea Art

Elizabeth from Bioshock: Burial At Sea

This amazing portrait of Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sear got drawn by Sweet Razzberry, a Russian artist who draws a lot of very different fan art including other video games like Resident Evil and Prince of Persia.

Loving the style of the composition and how she totally got the Film Noir feeling of the character into her portrait, the smoke effects are pretty flawless drawn too. Wow!





Super Mario on Drugs

Fear and loathing Super Stoned Mario!

Oh damn…this one reminds me at the time when i was young. No, it was not the Hippie Time, but Grass and trying out all kinds of Stuff including Magic Mushrooms was part of growing up here and the….results were fun 😉

RogierB from the Netherlands, a young Professional Artist who draws since around five years created this portrait of a stoned plumber and i found it both funny and also extremely well done. Now i want to play as this guy and helping him finding those Mushrooms…. 1UP @ Roger!




Ellie Last Of Us

Ellie from The Last Of Us

Let’s jump forward from the fun and light-hearted Super Mario Bros, to one of the most emotional video games ever written so far, The Last Of Us and its main protagonist the just thirteen years old Ellie.

I did not find the time to try this game by myself yet and every time i regret that when i see another well done fan art about the game…read its going to be on the Playstation 4 in summer though including the DLC and some graphical enhancements. Going to pick that version sooner or later for sure!

Ellie was drawn here by Namisis from Norway who wrote: “Long time since I’ve played it now, but i’m gonna pick it up one day soon and play it for the third time, no doubt in that. And she is most likely my favorite character in gaming. Ever.”





Portrait Art of Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian was never the main protagonist in the Mass Effect games but one of its most interesting character designs for sure. Really hope he might be in the next Mass Effect as well even if Shepard does not return.

This portrait of Garrus was created by Didiher from Argentina





Metal Gear Solid Big Boss

Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid

Mathia Arkoniel from Hungary drew Naked Snake / Big Boss here with shockrods, and the image is basically a pseudo-illustration of a Metal Gear Solid Fan-Fic.

Thought it is damn awesome and shows a not so nice side of Big Boss.

Also: Can’t wait for MGSV!


Naked Snake

Naked Snake


Tron Bonne and her Serbots by Robaato

Tron Bonne from MegaMan Legends

As a big fan of the MegaMan Legends games i am super glad about every new …everything about the series and its characters..including well done fan art of course too!

Robert Porter, more known as Robaato drew Tron Bonne and her funny Serv-Bot Army here and called it: “GO, you idiots” ..if anyone of you never played MegaMan Legends 1+2 and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne..i super-strongly recommend you…DO IT!

The graphics are damn outdated but the fun is still there!



Tron Bonne


This series of blogs will continue on Friday the 2th May, if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!