Fan-Art-Blog-Feature-May Week #2 2014 

Updates on Game-Art-HQ of the last week:

Heya everyone..i must admit that i made a pause for a few days in the last week due to one of the most important hobbies a man can have today 🙂

Which is gaming of course and involved my first Japan import since years, Sengoku Basara 4 which is sadly most likely not going to be released outside Japan.

Anyway, still added a few new game character galleries and also worked on Link’s Blacklist Round IV. It is getting an own gallery as the first of the LB’s rounds and damn…the submissions are simply awesome again. Looking forward to presentate you all results on the 15th June!


After some weeks without any cosplay art in the Friday Features, there are now two there this time! Sona, one of the many League of Legends Champions in her “Arcade” Skin which is like a big Homage at the classic Video game Arcades we know from the past as well as Godot, the coffee loving Ace Attorney character were cosplayed and look damn great.

The other four artworks are all drawn as usual and include basically video game characters from 1987 till 2014 🙂 From Mega Man in 1991 and classic Sonic from 1992 to Professor Hershel Layton from 2007 and finally Gabriel Belmont who turns into Dracula himself in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (2014)

Have fun viewing these great artworks and check out the galleries of the artists as well, they are all damn worth a visit!


Gabrial Belmont Artwork Castlevania

Gabriel Belmont..or is it Dracula?

I am a fan and player of the Castlevania games now since probably 20 years ..starting with Castlevania Adventure on the Game Boy where a guy named Christopher Belmont was swinging his whip to finally defeat Dracula. Never thought i would play as the ord of the Night himself in a Castlevania game someday but it happened with the latest game of the series, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 where Gabriel Belmont became Dracula himself and still fights against even more monstrous beings.

I liked how the Swedish artist Joakim Olofsson drew him there, showing him as both Gabriel and Dracul(a) surrounded by enemies and all the fire /flame details around everyone there. That’s awesome stuff!



Gabriel Belmont


Sonic The Hedgehog Act Cleared

Sonic The Hedgehog – Act Clear!

There are a ton..really a mega-ton of Sonic the Hedgehog fan arts on DeviantART…often even combined with one of the many fetish things they worship there sometimes like fat Amy Rose stuff and whatnot..brrrr…


This one here by Sir Ben Hickling from the UK however is a damn tasteful fan art which shows one of the classic elements of the Sonic games when Sonic passed through a stage. Nice work there Ben!





Arcade Sona Cosplay League of Legends

League of Legends – Arcade Sona Cosplay

Here we have Sona, the Maven of Strings in her Arcade Skin, this is like I mentioned above basically a big tribute to oldschool Arcades and the typical big Arcade Sticks / Boards with their but red buttons.

In the game, Arcade Sona also sounds more or less like a 8 or 16 bit video game character, including oldschool sound effects 🙂

This great cosplay photo of her here was made by Vaxzone  (Photographer) and Mikuen-Drops (Cosplayer)

I totally recommend to visit their dA galleries for more cosplay art!





Professor Layton in Class

In Class with Professor Layton

It’s always a bit weird to write about game characters if you never played a game with them, so i watched at least some videos of the Professor Layton games to see what they are about.

Seems they can be incredibly entertaining and feature a nice sense of humor and the cast of the games itself looks very thought out.

No wonder it has many fans including Zillabean from the USA who drew this fan art. Her gallery is a MUST SEE for fans of the series!


Prof Layton

Prof. Layton


Mega Man Classic Art

Classic Mega Man is Classic!

MegaMan fans have to suffer.

Since Years.

But hey, there is at least the next Super Smash Bros. upcoming with Mega Man as a guest character including his own stage, music and a few cameos like the Yellow Devil.

AzureBladeXIII from the USA is one of the artist who participated in our Street Fighter Tribute in 2012 and now he drew this cute take on the Blue Bomber, thought its a nice work and look forward to his future works!



Mega Man




Godot Cosplay 

Godot – Let’s drink a Coffee together

Godot is one of my favourite Ace Attorney characters and i still hope they either bring him back somehow another time or even dedicate a whole game to him…everything about this character design was just great and so it is no wonder that he is still getting cosplayed.

Elffi from Finland shared his take on Godot on dA recently which includes some pretty funny photos (You drank my Coffee?!?) take at look at these works and many more here

Happy Weekend everyone, time to drink a good cappuccino now!





This series of blogs will continue on Friday the 16th May, if you have suggestions, critique or want to comment anything else, you can do that below!