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Charlotte Christine de Colde, often just called Charlotte is a fictional character of the Samurai Shodown fighting game series by SNK. She debuted as part of the first game in 1993 and returned in almost all sequels including the latest game Samurai Shodown (2019)

Charlotte is born in Paris,France and represents the fencing fighters with her épée sword. According to her official backstory in Samurai Shodown, Charlotte is a minor noble and likes the company of common people. Amakusa, the boss of the first SS is plaguing the whole world which causes her to travel to Japan and fight him. Later she returns to take a part in the French Revolution.

In Samurai Shodown Sen, Charlotte is a target of one of the assassins of Golba, which leads her to hunt him down on her own.


Unlike many female fighting game characters, Charlotte fights from the distance, using her fencing skills to avoid body contact as much as possible.

Charlotte from the Samurai Shodown Games: an Overview

Charactername: Charlotte Christine de Colde   Developed /Created by SNK
Gameseries: Samurai Shodown   First seen on: Arcades  
First Game: Samurai Shodown   Year first seen in: 1993 
Last Game: Samurai Shodown  (2019)
  Birthplace: France 
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: épée sword
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Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Charlotte

Charlotte Samurai Shodown Sen Edge of Destiny Art

Samurai Shodown Sen (2008)

Charlotte Samurai Shodown IV Art

Samurai Shodown IV (1996)



Charlotte in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects

Charlotte Samurai Shodown Portrait

Charlotte as part of the FGE Project

by Cande Best

So far we had no Samurai Shodown related Art Collaboration here, but Charlotte was drawn for our FGE Project and also the Samurai Shodown Art Contest we organized in January-February 2012!

Charlotte from Samurai Shodown Artwork

Charlotte for the SS Art Contest

by Ed Moffatt


Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Charlotte

Charlotte by PioPauloSantana

Charlotte from Samurai Shodown

by Pio Paulo Santana

Charlotte Samurai Shodown Art by Jaime Herrera


by Jaime Herrera