Cervantes de Leon is one of the SoulCalibur fighting game characters and made his debut back in 1995 with the arcade release of SoulEdge where he was not playable in the initial release but was the mid-boss before SoulEdge.

Cervantes returned in all later SoulCalibur games up to SoulCalibur VI (2018) but was always one of the unlockable characters before and not initially playable.

Cervantes is one of the antagonistic characters in the SoulCalibur series and the father of Ivy Valentine.



Cervantes from the SoulCalibur Games: an Overview

Charactername: Cervantes De Leon
  Developed /Created by Namco-Bandai
Gameseries: SoulCalibur   First seen on: Arcades
First Game: SoulEdge/Blade   Year first seen in: 1995
Last Game: SoulCalibur VI (2018)   Birthplace: Spain
Role(s) and Characteristics: Fighting Game Character   Weapons or Martial Arts Style: Dual Blades /Swords
Additional Tags: Undead Pirate
  Similar Characters:  
Has Relations to: Ivy Valentine (Daughter)   See also:  


Official Game Art like promotional Illustrations of Cervantes

Soul-Calibur-V-Cervantes-Cgi-Render-SCV Soul-Calibur-V-Cervantes-Concept-Render-SCV

SoulCalibur V (2012)


SoulCalibur Broken Destiny (2009)

Cervantes SoulCalibur IV Official Art

Soul Calibur IV (2008)

Cervantes SoulCalibur II official Artwork

Soul Calibur II (2002)

Cervantes SoulCalibur Prologue Artwork

SoulCalibur (1998/1999)



Cervantes in Game-Art-HQ Art Projects


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Selected Fan Art and Cosplay Photos of Cervantes

Cervantes SoulCalibur Fan Art

Cervantes Slighty Redesigned

by Paulo Santana

Cervantes SCIV Fan Art

Cervantes in SoulCalibur IV

 by Paulo Santana