Kuja in Trance

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Like Freya Crescent today, Kuja the main antagonist from Final Fantasy IX makes his debut today on Game Art HQ on the 18th November 2012.


This piece was created a few days ago by the phenomenal GENZOMAN who is a professional artist since many years but still finds the time to draw his own favourite game characters frrom time to time.

He wrote the following as the description about his Trance Kuja artwork:

Maybe my favorite Final Fantasy game is FF IX, not only for the awesome soundtrack, but also for the incredible world depicted in the game… and of course the characters. Kuja was a rly cool villian. I still have fresh memories of the awesome CG sequences in the Crystal World


Very true ^^

FFIX was a beast of a game for the original Playstation, a game which does not need any remakes but should be released for every platform possible so people can and will experience this masterpiece. …only the loading times before battles were a pain in this great game.