Star Fox Team

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Aww the StarFox Team of Fox McCloud, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad and Falcon

Like for probably many of you StarFox was one of my favourite SNES games, i still remember how awesome the graphics were thanks to the “Super FX” Chip ūüôā

Oh well..when do we finally get a new StarFox which is as good as the first game of the series?

This artwork was made by the superb Genzoman who wrote the following to describe his work:

Hi there guys! You know for a odd reason I never done a pic of Star fox: I spent a lot of time playing it, since the release day. I used to go after school to near mall with my best friend to play this game over and over again and go home to keep playing it. Maybe was the incredible music by Hajime Hirasawa, maybe was the awesome graphics (it ¬°was a SNES game) but you know, Starfox for SNES is still one of my favorite games ever :)
I have rly good memories of that time”