freya_crescent from FFIX

I am running Game Art HQ now since around 18 months already and featured over 1000 artworks made by fans here, including many Final Fantasy characters, and also a few from FFIX but it took this long time before i stumbled upon a drawing of Freya Crescent, the dragooner / dragon knight of the FFIX Party.

Freya is a super interesting character from the game, but really rarely drawn compared with the others like Vivi, Garnet and of course Zidane.

I guess it is because she is a anthropomorphic rat, and a character design only fans of the game would appreciate while the cute boys and girls of the Final Fantasy series are getting faves and likes from everyone and his mother fast 🙂

This piece was done by Jurithdreamer from the USA as a commission on the Sakuracon in 2012. She has drawn many characters and scenes of the Final Fantasy series, , with a focus on the older games like FFVI which is a big + in my book.