Aron using Metal Sound by MatureManyula

MatureManyula from the USA joined our Pokemon Generation III Tribute Project in 2018 and the submissions of Aron and Beldum as one of the new artists on board. These two illustrations are till today (April 2019) the last deviations there.

Have a look at the gallery here. 

Metal Sound

“A horrible sound like scraping metal harshly reduces the target’s Sp. Def stat.”

Metal Sound is a non-damaging attack move introduced in Generation III.  Its accuracy rating of 85 makes it risky to use in battle, but if it hits the target, their Special Defense stat would lower by two stages.  Pokémon with the Soundproof ability are immune to it, however.

This is a move that Aron can learn naturally, with said level differing depending on the game – 39 at Generation III, 36 since Generation IV, 32 since Black 2 and White 2, and currently 31 since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Aron using Mud Slap by Silval58

Silva58 joined our community and the series of Pokemon Projects in 2018 as well and claimed Aron, Wailmer and also Snorunt for her first year on board!

I believe all three looked great and hope she will be on board for our Gen IV Tribute in 2019 as well. Have a look at her whole gallery here!


Mud Slap

“The user hurls mud in the target’s face to inflict damage and lower its accuracy.”

Mud Slap is a ground-type attack move introduced in Generation II.  It has a very weak 20 base power, but its accuracy is still good at 100% – and if the attack hits, it is always guaranteed to lower the foe’s accuracy by one stage.

It’s a move Aron can learn very early on, with levels also depending on the game – 7 at Generation III, 8 since Generation IV and currently 4 since B2W2.

#304 Aron

“A Pokémon that is clad in steel armor. A new suit of armor is made when it evolves. The old, discarded armor is salvaged as metal for making iron products.”

Aron is a dual steel/rock type Pokémon introduced in Generation III – and a version exclusive in Generation VI, making appearances in Pokémon X where Larvitar would instead appear in Y.  It evolves into Lairon at level 32 and then into Aggron at level 42, and are often seen living in the mountains.

Aron forms its steel body from feeding on iron ore while digging, though sometimes they had been known to eat metals in bridges and rail tracks as well.  In fact, not even moving vehicles are a problem – it’s so strong, it can destroy a dump truck with one wild charge, its remains becoming a nice meal for it to munch on.  As it evolves into a Lairon, it would shed its armor and create a new one, leaving scrap metal behind for use in metal objects.

During Ash’s training for his rematch with Brawly in the animé, his journey would take him to Granite Cave, where a trap from Team Rocket gone wrong sent the group mixed up in underground tunnels, ultimately re-grouping with angry wild Aron on their tail.  Steven Stone, the son of the Devon Corporation President, was also in the cave excavating for evolution stones with his own Aron, which he used to calm the horde down and allowed everyone to pass through.

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