Houndour used Inferno by drjhordan

“Houndour and Houndoom were the first pokemon I liked in the second generation, because of their design. They made me love the Dark type in pokemon; but I thought that a fire attack would be flashier, and Inferno looked badass enough to represent it.”


Jordano from Brazil is an active artist since over five years and was one of the first people who joined the GA-HQ Pokémon Tribute when it was announced on the 29th April 2016. He was one of the 9 artists that contributed six Pokémon in 2016 and in 2017 he contributed another four Pokemon artworks for Sunflora, Corsola, Houndour and Miltank.

Beside the Pokémon he draws all kinds of art and developed also a good couple of own characters. I recommend you to have a good look at his Gallery on dA!



“The user attacks by engulfing the target in an intense fire. It leaves the target with a burn”

Inferno is a damage-dealing fire-type move that was introduced first in Generation V.

The user completely engulfs the target in an intense fire, and currently holds the only spot of being the only non-status move that has a 100% chance of burning the target under normal conditions. Vulpix can learn this move at level 50 and was the first Pokemon in our Tribute that used the Inferno to burn its enemies!


Houndour used Bite by ObscureShizena

“I chose Houndour since it used to be the favourite Pokémon of mine up until the fourth generation and today I still love it. He’s doing the original myth of an hellhound justice with both, his design and his attacks, also a reason why I chose bite, since it’s often said a dogs biggest weapon are it’s teeth.”


ObscureShizena is an artist from Germany and joined Game-Art-HQ with the Generation II Tribute in 2017. Her first contribution was Cyndaquil but she continued with Houndour a few weeks later. Ein wirklich guter Einstieg 🙂

Have a look at her whole gallery here!


“The target is bitten with viciously sharp fangs. This may also make the target flinch”

Bite started as a simple Normal-type attack in Generation I but was changed to a Dark-Type Attack since Generation II. It has a 10% chance to set the opponent into the Flinch status in Gen I, from Gen II on till today the chance to Flinch the opponent was increased to 30%!

Houndour is the first Pokemon using the Bite in our Tribute. 


#228 Houndour

“It uses different kinds of cries for communicating with others of its kind and for pursuing its prey”


Houndour is a dual-type Dark/Fire Pokemon that can evolve into Houndoom starting at level 24. It can be quite a tricky Pokemon to find in the wild, only being an encounter before the end credits in three Pokemon games: Pokemon XD, Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon X.

It appears to be based off that of a Hellhound or similar myths about dogs, such as Cerberus. It also poses a strong resemblance to a Dobermann dog breed.

In the Pikachu short ‘Pikachu and Pichu’, a Houndour can be seen terrorising other Pokemon in the neighbourhood, chasing Pikachu and the Pichu brothers for a lot of the short. It comes to its senses towards the end of the short however when it tries to help stop a tower of tires from toppling on the other Pokemon, and helping to clear up all the mess it caused in its fury.


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