Wooper used Dynamic Punch by Quartette

Quartette from Canada is a contributing Game-Art-HQ member since around 2014 already and it was almost a given that he would participate in our first Pokemon related collaboration. He was fast to grab the first of the two Doduo and Mr. Mime spots in 2016 and returned with his takes on Sunkern and Wooper in our Gen. II Tribute!

Have a look at his whole gallery on dA here!


Dynamic Punch

“A Fighting-type attack. In-accurate but guaranteed to confuse the opponent if it hits”

The Dynamic Punch is one of the Fighting-Type moves, often used by Pokemon like Machamp, Poliwrath and Golurk. In Japan it is known as the “exploding Punch” and that’s exactly what it does.

It hitting the opponent so hard that it won’t just deal damage, it will also cause Confusion because the enemy will see a circle of stars above its head. Oh and if your Pokemon has the Iron Fist ability, it will hit even harder. 20% harder!

The first Pokemon in our Tribute that used the Dynamic Punch was the very angry Primeape. 


Wooper used Water Gun by XyvernArtworks

XyvernArtworks is one of the few artists from Puerto Rico that became part of the Game-Art-HQ community. Pichu was the first submission by XyvernArtworks for our Gen II Tribute. Wooper and Teddiursa were his next two illustrations!

Have a look at his whole gallery here!



The Water Gun

“The target is blasted with a forceful shot of water.”

Water Gun is a water type move that has a base power of 40 and accuracy of 100%.

It is a very popular move and one introduced in the very first Pokemon games, one that most water Pokemon can either learn naturally or by TM so is a very standard move. This was the first ever move to be seen in the Pokemon Adventures manga.

The Water Gun was used by three Pokemon in our Generation II Art Collaboration. Can you name all three of them? 🙂


#194 – Wooper

“When the temperature cools in the evening, they emerge from water to seek food along the shore.”


Wooper is a Water-Ground Pokemon and the first in the Quagsire evolutionary line. It evolves into Quagsire starting at level 20. It seems to be based on the anatomy and design of a salamander.

Wooper is unfortunately the Ground-type Pokemon with the lowest overall stats as well as the lowest base special defence stat. Along with Sizor it was one of the very first Pokemon to display gender differences, with the females having only one set of gill branches.

In the Pokemon anime, Olesia ran a Wooper school which Ash, Misty and Brock temporarily took over for her while she had to run to the next town. They found the baby Pokemon to be very difficult to control especially in such a large group. Another Wooper was seen to be one of the best friends of the infamous Pichu brothers, appearing in a number of Pichu brothers shorts.


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