Kirlia using Calm Mind by LuckyNumber113

Kimberly from the USA is one of the artists that joined GA-HQ in 2017 as a part of the Pokemon Generation II Project. She can draw but as you can see with her take on Xatu, she is also crafting artworks. In 2017, she returned for our Gen III Tribute with four new submissions, two were drawn and two were crafted!

  Check out her whole gallery here!

Calm Mind

“The user quietly focuses its mind and calms its spirit to raise its Sp. Atk and Sp. Def stats.”

Calm Mind is a Psychic-type status move originally introduced in Generation III.  It’s a beefy move that boosts the Pokémon’s own special attack and special defense stats by one stage each.

Kirlia can learn the move by level up with the level depending on the game – 21 in Generation III, 25 in Generation IV, 31 from Generation V and currently 26 from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire onwards.

Kirlia using Charm by Edo–sama

Ed from Poland is a part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around four years now and draws excellent video game fan art that is often related to Nintendo. He joined our first Pokemon Tribute already with the legendary Mewtwo and returned with Bayleef and Steelix in 2017. Bayleef was actually one of his favorite Pokemon for a long time and still is his favorite Grass-Type Pokemon! In 2018, Edo drew Kirlia, Zangoose and also Kecleon.

Now I wonder if he will top it in 2019 with four takes on our upcoming Gen IV tribute 😉


You can see his whole gallery here!



“A move that charms the target into complacency, sharply reducing its Attack power.”

Charm is a non-damaging Normal-type move originally introduced in Generation II. It became a Fairy-type move from Generation VI on.  The attack stat of the target is lowered by two stages when Charm is used, which helps soften the blow to a small Pokemon like Teddiursa when pitted against bigger foes. In contests, it is seen as a cute move.

Kirlia can learn the move by level-up starting from Generation IV, originally learning it at 45, then 50 from Generation V and currently 45 from ORAS.


#281 Kirlia

“A Kirlia has the psychic power to create a rip in the dimensions and see into the future. It is said to dance with pleasure on sunny mornings.”

Kirlia is a dual Psychic / Fairy type Pokémon (pure psychic before Generation VI) and the middle stage of the Ralts line, evolving from it at level 20 and then into Gardevoir at level 30.  Male Kirlia can evolve from this form into Gallade if they are exposed to a Dawn Stone.  They’re rarely seen, but they like to dwell around urban areas.

Much like its previous form, it reacts very well to positive vibes from its trainer – so much that more happiness makes them more beautiful, and that it overflows them with a desire to dance and spin around.  The horns on its head have also developed further, allowing it to boost its psychokinetic power – an energy that brings out mirages in the air when used.  In fact, this energy is also strong enough it can also see into the future – but please, don’t force it to get the following week’s lottery numbers…!

Kirlia’s first appearance in the animé was actually an adorable cameo in one of Elijah’s Pokémon-related movies.  Ash helped him and his Camerupt get to a small town on route to Lilycove City, where he got to show a cute silent film about a Plusle and a Minun rescuing a Kirlia princess from a big, bad Exploud.  And yes, any resemblances to a certain 1985 NES platformer are purely coincidental.

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