Slakoth using Attract by Quartette

Quartette from Canada is a contributing Game-Art-HQ member since around 2014 already and it was almost a given that he would participate in our first Pokemon related collaboration. He was fast to grab the first of the two Doduo and Mr. Mime spots in 2016 and returned with his takes on Sunkern and Wooper in our Gen. II Tribute! In 2018 he got the popular Gardevoir as well as Slakoth the super effective Attract 🙂 

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“Infatuates target, making it harder for them to attack foes of the opposite gender. “

Attract is a non-damaging Normal-Type move introduced in Generation II. It is capable of infatuating the target of the opposite gender of the attacker, making it harder for the target to hit the attacker.

Many female and Fairy-Type Pokemon come equipped with this move already, while most others can learn it with TM45; and it proves quite effective in frustrating players trying to get their best Pokemon to attack when they are being thwarted by “The Power of Love.”


Slakoth using Yawn by nabhalim

Important: You have to see this illustration on a dark background to see the bubbles coming from Slakoth’s mouth lol. >_<

Nabhalim from the United Kingdom read about our Pokemon Gen I Tribute in summer 2016 and quickly claimed the 2nd Machop spot to draw this little underdog. She returned in both of our Generation II and III Tributes with the following excellent contributions:

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“A huge yawn lulls the foe into falling asleep on the next turn”

Yawn is one of the pretty unconventional Pokemon moves and was introduced in Generation III.  You know how often other people will yawn if you just yawned? Now imagine your yawn will make the other people so tired that they will fall asleep… this is basically how Yawn works in Pokemon.

The opponent will fall asleep after the next round unless it is already afflicted by a non-volatile status condition. Yawn won’t work if the opponent has the Sweet Veil ability though.

#287 – Slakoth

“It sleeps virtually all day and night long. It doesn’t change its nest its entire life, but it sometimes travels great distances by swimming in rivers.”

Slakoth is a pure Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III.  It evolves into Vigoroth starting at level 18, then into Slaking starting at level 36.  They are rare and take up residences in forests, where they keep hold of one nest for life.

Slakoth are content to loaf for approximately 20 hours a day, with its daily diet being only three leaves due to its lack of motion.  Its heart beats at only once per minute, justifying how seeing one move is a rare sight. 

In fact, anyone who sees a Slakoth would feel drowsy and be encouraged to lounge with them.Norman actually used one in his Gym Battle against Ash in the animé, much unlike his game counterpart.  Originally he sent out Pikachu to fight it, but this supposedly slow Pokémon managed to dodge all its attacks and sent out a lot of special-based moves to take its challenger down.  Ash’s Torkoal, on the other hand, plowed through its Blizzard spam and used fire based attacks to take it down.


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