Piloswine used Mud Sport by KelpGull

KelpGull aka Erica joined us in 2016 with one of the submissions for our Legend of Zelda art collaboration.

She participated in projects by other video game communities before and became a very active part of Game-Art-HQ when we introduced our first Pokemon Tribute.

Ivysaur, Zubat, Omastar and Gloom were her four contributions in 2016, in 2017 she continued with Sneasel, Piloswine and eventually Smeargle!

I recommend to visit her full gallery which is just filled with goodness from video games and more!

Mud Sport

“The user covers itself with mud. It weakens Electric-type moves while the user is in the battle”

Mud Sport is one of the non-damaging but protective moves that were introduced in the Generation III Pokemon games. It’s a strong defense against Electric-Type Pokemon since it weakens the Electric based moves for five turns. This also works if you used Mud Sport and switch out your Pokemon since the Gen. VI Pokemon games.

Piloswine is the only user of the Mud Sport move in our Art Collaboration so far ūüôā



Piloswine used Ice Fang by Yggdrassal

Yggdrassal from the United States is an active part of the Game-Art-HQ Community since around three years now and contributed a good couple of video game artworks that are about games that are rarely getting any attention now.

He participated with a Timesplitters 3 entry as example and Rocket: Robots on Wheels as part of our Nintendo 64 Tribute this year. He joined the Pokémon Gen I Tribute with Dodrio in the first May week already and drew seven more of the little Gen I creatures. He also holds the record of the most submissions for our Gen II Pokemon tribute with not less than 11 of the 100 Pokemon being illustrated by him!

Gen II

Gen I

I recommend to check out his gallery where you can see a lot more video game fan art including more Pokémon love as well. 

Ice Fang

“The user bites with cold-infused fangs. This may also make the target flinch or leave it frozen”

The Ice Fang is a strong Ice-Type attack that was introduced in Generation VI and as a 10% chance to Freeze its opponent or and also a 10% chance to inflict the Flinch status on it. The first Pokemon in the Pokedex that can learn it, is actually the Arbok.

Ice Fang was introduced to our Pokemon Art Collaboration by two of the Generation II Pokemon. Piloswine and Suicune!


#221 Piloswine

“Although its legs are short, its rugged hooves prevent it from slipping, even on icy ground”


The Piloswine is the first evolution of the cute Swinub and looks almost like a Mammoth crossed with a Wild Boar on first sight, but just wait until you see its evolution, the Mamoswine.

Like the Swinub, the Piloswine is a Dual Type Ice & Ground Pokemon that starts with attacks like Mud Sport, Ancient Power and the Powder Snow among others. There are no other Pokemon so far that have the Ice & Ground Types bundles than Piloswine and its evolutionary family.

In order to evolve a Piloswine into a Mamoswine, Piloswine must be levelled up while knowing the move ‘Ancient Power’. In the Sinnoh part of the Pokemon anime, Dawn owned a Piloswine that she later evolved into a Mamoswine.



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