Zubat used Mean Look by Midnitez-REMIX

Rebecca / Joshua aka Midnitez-Remix from Canada were one of the first artists that joined our Pokemon tribute when it was announced on the 29th April 2016. Their take on Zubat using the Mean Look Move was done at the 6th May already, they quickly claimed also Golbat with Crunch and eventually Gastly with Spite!



“A probing stare that prevents the target from escaping until the attacking Pokémon is gone. “

The Mean Look move was once a sure fire way to prevent any Pokemon (wild or caught) the chance of escaping a battle or switching out. Of course as the name implies; only Pokemon that are visible and not in FLY or DIG mode can be affected by it.

Through subsequent Generations; all Pokemon could be hit with this move. However, by Generation VI the move no longer affected Ghost-Types.



Zubat used Confuse Ray by KelpGull

KelpGull aka Erica is one of the newer Game-Art-HQ members and joined just a couple of months ago with one of her entries for a Legend of Zelda art collaboration. She participated in projects by other video game communities before and in the few months at GA-HQ she contributed four video game fan arts already with her take on Ivysaur being the first one and a really fun illustration of Peahat, an enemy in the classic Zelda being the currently last one ! 



“A sinister flash of light that makes the target confused. “

Confuse Ray is like a more accurate version of Zubat’s Supersonic move. Both moves cause confusion, but the Confuse Ray hits with 100% assurance the target will become confused. That is of course unless the target uses Substitute.



“Emits ultrasonic cries while it flies. They act as a sonar used to check for objects in its way. “

Zubats are infamous among Pokemon fanatics for being some of the most aggravating Pokemon to deal with on the early outset of their adventures. As soon as players started to explore caves, swarms of Zubats would often come in contact with them and inflict annoying status damaging moves like Leech Life and Supersonic.

Starting at level 22 it would evolve into Golbat, which was the final form only up until Generation II where it could then proceed to evolve into Crobat wearing a Friendship Bell.


Pokemon Gen I Art Collaboration Logo by SuperEdco

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