Unown used Hidden Power by Louivi

Louise Vela is the first artist from Denmark in our Pokemon Tribute and created an impressive first entry with her take on Unown’s Hidden Power. We look forward to see her returning next year hopefully! Have a look at her complete gallery that is full of beautiful art here!


Unown used Hidden Power by freqrexy

Bev Wooff / Freqrexy from the United Kingdom creates art since 13 years already and joined our Pokemon Tribute as one of the first artists in May already. In the end she contributed not less than eight of the 151 Pokemon for it in 2016 and returned with her excellent take on Unown in its different forms as well as Snubbull. Magby and Miltank.

She is also one of the GA-HQ Patreon Supporters and helped us to create the galleries by writing the descriptions of many of the Gen II Pokemon or their moves.

You can see a lot of drawn art but also crafted items and even cosplay in her gallery here!

Hidden Power

“A unique attack that varies in type depending on the Pokémon using it.”

Hidden Power is a damage-dealing Normal-type move first introduced in generation II. It surprisingly is the only move that Unown can learn, but it cannot learn it through TM, due to the fact that it naturally will know this move so cannot relearn it!

The type and power of the move will depend on the Pokemon’s IVs and varies between a power of 30 and 70. It has a PP of 15 and an accuracy of 100%.


#201 – Unown

“Shaped like ancient writing, it is a huge mystery whether language or Unown came first.”


Unown is a Psychic Pokemon that can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes in order to spell out the alphabet including an explanation mark and question mark. It cannot evolve or learn any moves aside from a singular move; Hidden Power.

Unown is genderless and has a base stat of 336 and is actually the only Pokemon of all to have this base stat. It is also the Pokemon with the most alternative forms of itself with a whipping total of 28 different forms!

Unown had a major anime appearance in the Pokemon movie ‘Spell of the Unown’ where they obeyed the thoughts of Molly Hale and created things based off her imagination after taking her father hostage in their dream realm. The Unown willingly created Entei for Molly who she believed was her father. Once Molly realised that the Unown were creating images that weren’t really real, she stopped giving them power, however they grew out of control and had to be stopped by Entei.


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